Saturday, February 28, 2009

Win a custom made flag quilt

Just a quick note to let you all know of this incredible raffle opportunity.
The woman on the BOD from "Two Hearts for Hope" are raffling a custom made quilt wall hanging and you get to choose which country you want.
Two women that have years of experience in quilting are making the quilt--it will be beautiful. What an awesome addition this would be to any child's room.
All proceeds will be used to help toward the adoption expenses for Kim Prud'homme who is traveling to Russia for her daughter.
Check out this blog to see an example of the beautiful quilt and see what country choices are available.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Help the children in Qostanay

Please read the following message from "Two Hearts for Hope"
Northern Kazakhstan is experiencing a very cold winter and the children have nothing to look forward to. They stare out the windows and long for warmer happier summer days where they can run free and somewhat let their cares disappear.
March 22 is the Kazakh holiday of Nauryz which celebrates the end of the long cold winter and ushers in the warm spring. Nauryz is generally celebrated with a great meal among family and friends. The Holiday lasts for one month with cultural events, games, song, and dance. The main theme of the Holiday is renewal and joy.
This year you have the chance to bring some joy and smiles to the children at the Delphin Orphanage by helping them celebrate with a few goodies of their own.
Your $10.00 tax deductable donation will help will help us reach our goal of supplying all 75 children with a cake celebration, books, and small toys for this happy celebration.
Donations are being accepted through March 20th by following the paypal link on our website or by sending a check to:
Two Hearts For Hope
PO Box 1928
Lebanon, MO 65536
Please pass this message on and Thanks for your support.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Productive Day

This week has been fun on the adoption front--I feel like I am progressing again.
Today I took the day off from work and went to the bank, ran around the neighborhood and took pictures, finished my dossier Part 1, made copies and got it mailed off to the agency.
I know this is just a hurry up and then wait part of the process but I really am happier when I am actually doing something instead of just waiting.
Now the dossier documents will be translated and then I will be registered in my region. This is so cool. I already feel more sure of this process than I ever did of the Kazakhstan one. Hopefully I am right.
I also took out all the little girl bedding that I had bought over a year ago and made up her room. I was required to put a picture of it in my dossier paperwork so I kind of had to but it is weird how much different that made me feel to actually have her room look like a little girl's room instead of just my guest room. I could stand in there for hours and just soak it up. I will probably take it all down and put it away again because I only have two bedrooms in my place and I don't want any visitors to sleep on her bedding before she is here--I want it to all be new for her.
We also had warmer weather today--it got above 30 and stayed there all day! That also helps make it a good day.