Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to work after a busy week

All has been going well with Hannah and I--there has been a lot going on and I don't know where to begin.
She is so sweet and her personality keeps showing more and more every day. We have so much fun together. She seems to be learning so quickly, still uses a lot of gestures to get her message across but her English is starting to grow. She is starting to show frustration when I just don't get what she wants to tell me. Her understanding of the English language has grown tremendously--in fact it seems she understands almost everything I tell her so that makes things easier for me.

Hannah started daycare/preschool a week and a half ago--she has been only going every other day for half days--mostly because I can't stand anymore seperation than that. She seems to be really enjoying it and her teacher says she is doing great. I spent two days there with her and was very satisfied with her teacher and how everything was run. I just wish I didn't have to leave her. It has been harder on me than on her. I start back to work tomorrow so she will be starting full time.

We spent Easter at my sisters and the weather was almost like summer. The kids were able to play outside all afternoon without coats. We had so much fun with two egg hunts. first the big kids (teenagers) hid eggs for the little kids (10 and under)and then the little kids got a chance to hide eggs for the big kids to find. They thought that was so cool. Hannah was the youngest one there but she got into doing everything the other kids did.

Thursday was her 4th birthday. I wanted to spend the entire day with just the two of us so we went to the Minnesota Zoo. It was a wonderful day. Hannah had so much fun seeing all the animals and I had so much fun spending the time with her and seeing things through her eyes. She was such fun company. I keep experiencing new feelings and this day was no exception. I felt more than the joy of being her mom--I just truly enjoyed her as such a fun person to be with. When we got home I had her presents all layed out and she had so much fun opening them and playing with them. She kept saying "Thank you Mom". I was overwhelmed with how perfect a day could be. We had the best little conversation:
Me: Oh Hannah
Hannah: Oh Mama
Me: I love you so much
Hannah: I love you so much
Me: Wasn't this a great day for your birthday?
Hannah just gave me the biggest smile and then the tightest hug. I could feel her happiness and that made me the happiest I have ever been. I hated to put her to bed that night because it meant the great day was ending.

Saturday some of my family came into town and we went to the hotel so Hannah could go swimming with her cousins. She had the best time. It was fun for me too but the constant vigilence of keeping track of her, making sure she is safe in the pool, and that she is behaving is quite tiring. I am used to being the aunt who just can have fun with the kids and it is a totally different role being the caretaker and enforcer.

Hannah's baptism was Sunday. She looked like an angel and she was so good in church. I could not have been more proud. It was quite an emotional moment for me. I am not sure that Hannah understood it but she definitely knew that it was something special.
Following the baptism we had a party at a local pizza place to celebrate that and her birthday. She certainly ran off a lot of energy with her cousins and loved every minute of it. She was so busy I think the only time she stopped to eat was when we had the cake. She was excited for presents and it was fun to watch her because she would look at each present and seemed like every one was just what she wanted. Although there were so many that she actually got tired of it and quit before getting done. Mom had to open the last present for her. I just can't believe all the support that I keep getting from all my friends and family.

Now I am a very exhausted mom after all that and I dread going back to work full time. I actually don't dread the fact of working and having Hannah in daycare but I know how stressful my job was and I know that it will only take a few days to be knee deep in the stress again. I pray that I can leave it at work and just be there for Hannah when I get home.

I know my posts will decrease now but I do hope to keep up with important updates. I have so far been able to say that I haven't experienced the exhaustion that everyone says starts as soon as you get your child but I feel it coming on. Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised.