Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just waiting

I really have nothing new to report on the adoption front. I am in the waiting mode. My agency is very good with weekly updates that have specific informatin about each region they work with and my specialist has called just to see how I am doing. Next month I will go to travel orientation so more good stuff to learn. I still expect a few months wait but I am okay with that for now--I feel peaceful about it because I trust the people I am working with.

If you remember my post in early Feb. I had made up the room for my daughter for my dossier pictures and I was enjoying just sitting in it--it is so bright and cheery. I also said I would probably put it all back away because that is my spare room and I didn't want anyone to sleep on the new linens, etc. until after my daughter has--I want her to be the first and to have a truly new room. So I got it all back in the closet and just in time. My home has been quite a refuge for my family this past couple weeks. My youngest brother and his fiancee are moving from Norfolk, Va (Navy) to Monterey, Ca. They drove through Minnesota on the way to visit family and spent one night at my house--it was fun to see them. I had dinner plans with the adoption support group I have found here so they got to come along and meet the girls. It was fun.
Last weekend my sister and her kids passed through town on the way home from my Mom's (I am just about in the middle of their 5 hour drive) and they ended up staying the night due to bad weather.
Yesterday my Aunt and Uncle came to town to have check ups at the Mayo Clinc--they are not staying with me but we will get together.
Now this weekend my nephew that is attending college in Iowa is coming up Friday night and I am taking him to the airport in Minneapolis on Saturday. He is flying to Tahoe to go skiing for spring break. Hi is meeting up with two of my brothers (one is his Dad) and other friends. They should have a blast.
I never get visitors and now to have so many--it's been fun. I wish I could be going to some of those fun places with them but I am glad to have them visit on the way.
My spare room has been busy.

I do have one update on my adoptin plans. I thank everyone for their input on the topic of adopting siblings. I especially am grateful for all the support and encouragement to help me realize that it wasn't a crazy thought and I could handle it. There are many reasons that I would love to have siblings but there are also many reasons why I decided that it wasn't right for me to do that at this time. I did decide to ask for one little girl up to 4 years old. Maybe someday my little girl will get a sibling but if not, then it will be "just you and me kid". I can't wait.