Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Culture Day at school

Today I took the morning off work to attend the Culture parade at Hannah's school. Parents were invited and kids were asked to dress in a traditional attire from their culture. We finally got to wear the dress I bought for Hannah in Moscow. One of her little friends said to her "Hannah, you look beautiful". She loved wearing it at first but after a bit she wanted to change back--she didn't want to be different from the other kids. I hope she becomes proud of being different as time goes on.
It was a lot of fun and it was fun to see her class in action. A room of 20 four and five year olds can be quite chaotic. I always admired teachers but even more so now. I had to leave in the middle of the day and that was harder than dropping her off in the morning. She clung to me saying "I want to go to our house please please please." and "Don't good-bye to me". fortunately the teacher said she had a good day after I left and she was in a great mood all evening.

Earlier this month Hannah moved up to a new room at her daycare/preschool and is now in the Pre-K class or as she says "The big kids room". Most of her class moved with her so she is still with her friends but the class size almost doubled from 12 to 21. I sure am thankful to the teachers because they have a hard job. She now has to wear a uniform--she thinks it is great.

On Labor Day we did make a big weekend of it since it was our last summer one and Hannah had just graduated from her preschool class. We went to the "lake up north" to my sister's place. My brother and his family and my mom were also up there with their camper. We sure had a good time.

There is a Nature Center here in Rochester with great hiking trails and other nature things for kids and adults alike. They had thier annual Fall Festival a couple weeks ago and Hannah and I went. It was a great way to spend the day with a kid. We were blessed that the weather was just perfect for a Fall day--sweatshirts and jeans. We got in a lot of hiking and had a good time.

We have started swimming lessons which are a big hit--she loves the water which I knew but she really loves learning from her teacher. I sit behing this glass wall with all the other parents and watch. Sometime during the class she has to make sure I am there and then waves like crazy until I wave back.

We also started religion school and that is also a big hit. As soon as she reached the door she says "Good-bye Mom" and then shoos me away. There is no place to watch so I take a book and have one hour of quiet and reading so it is a big hit with me too.

Mommy is getting back into her life too. Last weekend I went to a Nursing conference at a resort in the Brainerd Lakes area (Northern MN). My sister went with and stayed with Hannah while I was learning. Hannah loved being with her Aunt Kathy and thought it was funny that Mom was "going to school". It was a beautiful weekend and we got to see a lot of trees already changing colors--the yellow and oranges and reds were quite vibrant--very pretty.

This coming weekend I am celebrating the 50th birthday of my dearest friend. My mom is coming to stay with Hannah while I go out. Hannah is so excited to see Grandma. It will be the very first time since we've been together that Hannah will go to bed without me there. I can't think of anyone else I would let do it than Grandma. I am so thankful to have such wonderful family.