Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Big Milestone

Hannah has a book she has asked me to read a few times lately about a dog that has lost a tooth and then gets a bone from the tooth fairy.
As we were driving to preschool this morning Hannah tells me "I am going to lose a tooth" and I said "Yes, when you grow bigger you will start to lose your teeth." She seemed content with that answer and just said, "Yes, I am growing bigger now".
I thought it was just a conversation.
We got to school and one of her friends met us at the door to show us her loose tooth. All the kids crowded around her and wanted to wiggle her tooth, Hannah included. Then Hannah starts to tell the kids she has a loose tooth too. I think that she is just noticing all the attention her friend is getting and wants to get in on the action. I start to tell her "No, your tooth is not loose" but she is so insistant for me to look that I finally do and she does have a loose tooth! I was actually shocked and reacted in a way fitting to the big occassion it was. It is on the bottom--the right one of her middle two. She was thrilled and immediately wanted her friends to see it and to show her teacher. She was now the center of attention and didn't even notice when I left.
When I picked her up the teacher let me know that she hopes the tooth falls out soon because Hannah has been obsessed with it all day--going to the mirror to look at it and showing it to everyone that comes into the room which includes every other parent.
I know this seems like a long post for just a loose tooth but it is huge to me (and to Hannah). It is the first big milestone that tells me Hannah is growing up. I missed so many other firsts--first steps, first time using the potty, first words, etc. I am very excited for each step in her life but there is a little piece of me that is saying "I have only had her for one year--I want her to stay little for a while yet".
Guess I better brush up on what the tooth fairy is bringing these days.