Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm Back and Busy

I had a fabulous time on vacation.
My brother's fiancee has a great little place on the beach and she was the perfect hostess. We relaxed hard and played hard--it was great. We also spent two days in Washington DC which was my first time there and I loved it. The only bad part of the whole vacation was that my brother had to work really long hours and we did't get to see very much of him.
I had four very busy days catching up at work and then it was off to another fun adventure. I went to a "cabin" that is really a house in Northern Wisconsin with three girlfriends for a long weekend. We relaxed, played, and talked the whole weekend--it was much needed therapy for all of us. I just love my friends--they always boost me up and help me keep everything in perspective.
Work has been crazy busy lately--we have a plethora of new processes occurring in August through October so we have been scrambling getting all the details sorted out and educating staff so that we are ready to go when things occur. I am sure that when we get through all these, there will be a new list waiting for us to implement--that seems to be the way with Healthcare these days. I know many other jobs are just the same--it keeps life interesting.
This week my Dad has been back in town for more testing--just check ups this time except that we are still dealing with his lack of appetite and weight loss--he now weighs less than when he graduated from high school 54 years ago! Hopefully we can get him eating and getting some energy back--everything else looks good.
Friday I am taking off again for another weekend away--with family this time. We have our "McNab Annual Campout"--a great get together with my aunts, uncles, and cousins from the McNab side. About 50 of us usually gather and camp (in bunk houses) for the weekend.
July has been very busy and August will be more of the same--have to make the most of summer time in Minnesota. I am hoping that Sept. will my month to get the house ready for DD--I know I will be ready for a LOI by then for sure!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Vacation's all I ever wanted...Vacation..have to get away

Rmember that song by the Go-Go's?
Tomorrow I leave for my vacation--to Virginia Beach!!!
My sister-in-law, my niece, and I are going to visit my little brother and his fiancee who lives only a couple blocks from the beach!!!!
Taking a little break is just what I need--work has been busy and my counterpart at work has been out on surgical leave so I have even more to do. The adoption world hasn't been doing much but the constant waiting/wanting kind of wears on you so this week away from everything will be great.
I feel happier already and I know I will come back totally refreshed--and I will be that much closer to getting "the call". In a fit of optimism, I did make sure that my agency had my cell number "just in case".
I am also taking a vacation from blogs, email, etc during this next week but my friend Lisa is going to update me if anything really exciting happens... so I will see all you guys later--have a great week. If something great happens for you, I am very excited and will catch up when I get back.