Friday, September 27, 2013

Where has the time gone?

I felt compelled to go to my blog tonight and was surprised by how long it has been since I have been here.
There is so much to catch up on--so many milestones and sweet moments in the past 9 months.  My girl is growing so much!  We've had some great talks (brief as they are), finished first grade and smoothly transitioned into 2nd, had her first dance recital, experienced her best friend changing schools, and so many other things.

Tonight I have on my mind a few challenges that have come up recently so I'll have to catch on all that other stuff later.

We have entered the world of "little white lies" and it is troubling to me.  It started with her new glasses and school.  She is supposed to wear glasses at school but doesn't need them all the time.  She has had them in her backpack every day but when the teacher has asked her about them she responds "I forgot them"  or "I don't have them".  When I found this out I questioned Hannah and she just buried her head in my shoulder and couldn't look at me.
then she had a little problem with another girl on the playground at school.  She told her teacher that the other girl "did it first" but the teacher found out from the playground monitor that Hannah actually did it first.  When I confronted her she still insisted to me that the other girl did it first.  When I said the teacher saw you do it first she got upset and said "You never believe me".
now tonight she got ready for bed while I was doing something else.  When I got there she was climbing into bed.  I asked her if she did all her stuff--going potty, brushing teeth, and flossing.  She said "yes I did it all" so we went to bed.  Later when I went into the  bathroom I could tell she had not used a towel (I had just put new ones out) and the sink showed no signs of teeth brushing--usually traces of toothpaste are always in the sink.  So I feel fairly certain she lied to me again.
I am perplexed by this as I never caught her in a lie before and she used to tell me everything--even if she knew it would make me mad.  Her teacher tells me it is age appropriate.  I just don't want it to continue.  How do I balance pressing her for the truth between letting her know I trust her?  Right now I am going with the angle that I know she has a good heart and she needs to show that and always tell the truth.

I know at age 7 this is just a preview of things yet to come.  I just pray for wisdom to know how to deal with it all.