Friday, May 23, 2008

Two Hearts for Hope

This past Tuesday evening we had our first Board meeting for "Two Hearts for Hope". We had a conference call as the members live in many different states. The energy and committment of these women inpired me--Helping the children in orphanages in Kazakhstan is clearly their mission. Many good ideas for fund raising and helping the orphans were discussed. This is a great group of mothers that are making a difference.
Check out the website by using the link on this page. We will be having monthly raffles and are starting with something to honor Dad's for Father's Day--a $100 dollar gift card to Bass Pro that will be to the winner by Father's Day.
I am the only Board member that hasn't completed an adoption from Kazakhstan yet. While listening to the others, I also felt a little selfish as I realized they knew so much and would be a tremendous resource for me when it gets to be my time to travel or for any other questions I have. Not only do I get to help make a difference but I get personal benefit also(friendship and knowledge)--can it be any better than that?
I have no news on the adoption front. I am really enjoying reading the blogs of the families that are currently in Kaz and bonding with thier children, inbetween trips, or home with their new family. I have to keep reading those to remember that it will happen.
I have a neice graduating from High School as well as several children of friends so the next couple weekends will be full of graduation parties and events. I love to see the kids at this stage--they are so happy, excited, and unstoppable while at the same time a little nervous of the unknown. The whole world is out there before them--it is exciting for me to think about.
My youngest brother is in the Navy in Norfolk, VA and will not be there much longer so I have decided to go ahead and make plans to visit him during my vacation in July. I see no signs of an LOI by then so I'll go have some fun on the beach instead.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Just a quick post to say Happy Mother's Day to first of all my Mother who has raised eight children with love and who has given my the best example of how to be a mom.
Also to all my sisters and friends who have shared their children with me when I needed a child fix and who have been great examples of loving moms.
And last but not least to all my blooger buddy Mom's--those who have their children with them already, are in country, or are waiting for their children. You are such a strong and determined group of women who constantly inspire me and I am honored to include you in the group that helps me know how to be a mom.
For all of us waiting--My wish on this Mother's Day is that things move quickly and smoothly for all us so that we can drop the word "waiting" and just be "Mom's".

Friday, May 9, 2008

Ups and Downs of International Adoption

This world of International Adoption is so strange with all its ups and downs and different emotions that accompany them all.
This week Kelly and Sne got thier LOI and have to travel very quickly. What great news-they have been anxiously waiting for a while. Suzanne and Matt have brought their children back to the apt to live with them as a family in Kaz while they wait out the process.
Also this week there have been two other families that have hit some big snags in the process while in Kaz and have been disappointed. The stories are their's so I won't share any names or details here.
I don't personally know any of these people but I know them well through the blog world and it amazes me how much their triumphs and disappoints affect me. I am excited and giddy with joy whenever I hear good news and I am heartbroken when I hear about disappointments along the way. I am constantly thinking of the families that have completed adoptions and I am constantly rooting for those waiting. The most amazing part is I know there are lots of others out there rooting for me also and I can feel the support. This is a great community to belong to!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thinks are looking up

Good news regarding my Dad--his luekemia is in remission and his infection is under control. Now he can just keep improving until he feels good again and hopefully this remission will last. He is now planning his annual June fishing trip to Canada--his very favorite thing to do. Thank you to all of you that sent good wishes his way or said prayers--they all helped and I really appreciated the support.

Also good news on the adoption front. I am a little late in reporting this so maybe you have already heard but my agency has opened in one more region of Kaz--the Karaganda region and have had two families invited to travel there already. Hopefully this will speed things up for all of us waiting. I was pretty discouraged last week from the wait and even started thinking about if there were other options but then good news always comes along at just the right time to keep me going. I also had a couple good chats with fellow blogger friends (both of the Lisa's and Chris) and that was great--no one else really understands like a fellow PAP.

I was invited to be a Board member for "Two Hearts for Hope" and have accepted. I am honored and hope to be able to help provide needed supplies for orphans in Kazakhstan. Please check out this great organization by clicking on the link on the side.