Saturday, August 21, 2010

Home six months

I am a little overdue as we were home for six months on August 6th. Every day I am still amazed that I get to be the Mom of this little beauty and I marvel at how blessed I am but in many ways it feels like she has always been with me. She is just a part of me and I love her so much.
The weekend of the 6th was our Annual McNab Family Campout--the 25th year. We had an awesome time and Hannah was the talk of the weekend as many people were meeting her for the first time. It was mind blowing to realize that only six months ago she lived in an orphanage in Russia and now she was in America, surrounded by 62 loving family members, and running like crazy with the other kids.
Also I do still remember feeling that the adoption process was so difficult with many disappoints along the way and I remember wondering if it would really happen that part is all a distant memory and doesn't seem so bad. I do believe that the process shouldn't be that hard but I can not wish that any of my journey was different because it lead me to Hannah!

She has learned so much in the last six months. Communication is not an issue with us anymore. She understands everything I say and her vocabulary is expanding rapidly. We are able to have little conversations now and I love it.
She knows all my immediate family (which includes her 16 cousins) by name and just loves to visit or spend time with them.
She is really bonded to me but yet has an independent streak that is usually enjoyable but occassionally frustrating.
She came into the kitchen yesterday saying "Mama, Mama" sounding kind of urgent. When I said "What", she wrapped her arms around my leg and said "I love you so much Mama". and then went back to play. Those are the moments that make everything worthwhile.
She is a little copy cat. The other day she called for me and when I didn't come immediately she said "Mama come now........ONE.....TWO.....THREE". The thing is I have only used that on her twice but she seemed to know it meant business the first time I did it. She doesn't seem to get that I can tell her what to do but she can't tell me what to do.
She is a compassionate little girl and is very upset when anyone else is upset. She always says "I'm sorry" when she thinks she has hurt some one else. Her teacher at daycare says that she always comes over and tries to comfort any kid that is hurt or sad.
Her favorite toys are her babies, her kitchen, puzzles, and her fisher price little people. She loves to ride her bike (with training wheels), walk her baby, go to the park, and go swimming.
She absolutely loves animals with horses being her favorite. I have had a little pony crawling around my house saying "Neigh" for a couple months now. Her teacher said she even had to stop her from eating grass one day.
Movies are another love and I have to limit them as she asks for a movie almost every day. I have become acquainted with all the Disney princesses, Bambi, Toy Story, Dora and Diego, the new Mickey Mouse, Special Agent Oso, the Wonder pets, Little Einsteins, Handy Manny, the wiggles, and Yo Gabba Gabba--all pretty good shows. I no longer keep up on Grey's Anatomy, Desparate Housewives, or the latest Bachelor--nothing I watched before is suitable for a 4 year old.
She is always active and sitting still and listening is her biggest challenge in school. It is also a challenge in church. I think if Mass could be only 30 minutes she would do fine but an hour of stillness and quiet is just too much for her.
She falls asleep in my arms every night and I wake up to her smiling face every morning. Life is good.

Our first six months have been all about getting to know each other and finding our groove together and it's been great. But now I think I am ready to introduce more into her world and I think she is ready for it too. I have her signed up for swimming lessons starting in Sept. and she will start church school in Sept too. I think I also want to get her into some kind of dance as she loves it so much. Our lives are about to get busier but it all sound wonderful.