Saturday, September 3, 2011

Summer's End

Tomorrow is our last big Hurrah for the summer--a trip to the "Great Minnesota Get Together"--our State Fair. And then Kindergarten starts......

We have had a great summer--our second together.
We did all the usual things that I did before Hannah like a week's vacation at the Lake with my sister and her family and our annual McNab Family Campout with the whole family. Both were more fun with Hannah. I had a good timetoo but It was the most fun to watch her having so much fun. She ran and played and swam and just loved being with her cousins--she is the youngest but she holds her own pretty well. Last year she was that much younger and everything was still so new to her that I had to really supervise her more, direct her more, and be there for the meltdowns. This year she just blossomed--she did great playing all day with her cousins, came to me for anything she needed, and had no meltdowns at all. It was so fun.

We also did some new things for Hannah--
A trip to my Aunt and Uncles over the fourth of July. They live on a lake and my brother was there with his family also. We had a blast and the two little girls stayed in the water most of the time--Hannah became really comfortable in the lake and was swimming all over with a life jacket on.

And some new things for both of us--
I enrolled her in two organized kids sports--a baseball camp for four weeks and a "sports sampler" where they learned four different sports. She was not a fan. After the first day at baseball camp she would tell me "Mom, I told you I don't like this" and she would rather play in the sand in the outfield than participate in the game. She didn't really like the sampler either. I made her stick them both out but we were both glad when they ended. I think next we will try things like dance or gymnastics to see if she likes them better. I would like ice skating too.

She is such a girlie-girl. She obsesses with her hair, always wants to wear dresses, and must pair the right shoes with them. I have to convince her to wear pants to the park and other play things where pants are best. Except for wearing dresses, it fits my personality too so I have no complaints. She is fun to dress up.

Her summer daycare was called "Explorer's Club" and she had a great time there. They went on field trips twice a week--to fun places like mini golf, bowling, movies, a really cool toy store, a climbing gym, local parks and fitness centers, and also learning things like the Eagle center, a cave, the library, and others I can't think of now. At the beginning of the summer she had trouble staying focused, staying with the group, etc but she really grew throughout the summer and I got consistently good reports for the last 2/3 of the summer--in fact the teachers told me she was most improved and that she was the most polite. I was very proud.

She really has matured lately and has been such a sweetheart--I can't even remember her last timeout because she is listening so much better. Here is one example:
The other night I had a haircut and color appointment and my babysitter cancelled. I could not find anyone so I took her with for a nearly two hour appt. I was very scared how it would go but she did awesome. She was very well behaved the whole time. I did bring my laptop with a movie so she watched that part of the time but she also occupied herself while staying in one place and not messing with anything at the hair salon. She even engaged my hairdresser in conversation. She won over my hairdresser and I was told I could bring her anytime.
She still has many five year old moments but there are days that I can't believe how easy she is to parent. I often look at her and wonder how I got so blessed., after tomorrow summer comes to an end I really do think Hannah is ready for kindergarten. Am I that's another story.


Tammy said...

Wow I can't believe how big she is getting! She looks so grown and mature! Unbelievable how times flies.

Glad you guys had such a fun summer. Everything really is more fun with kids, isn't it? My life was so boring before Zachary came home!

That summer day care sounds really cool. Good luck with Kindergarten. It sounds like she's do fantastic!

Irishdrums said...

Thanks for sharing Mary. It's sweet to hear how Hannah is blossoming into this beautiful little wonder. Wish we were there to watch her grow too. Just read this post to Dan. We're almost home from Maine. Dan says the ease of parenting probably comes from the quality of parenting over the past year. :)

Kimberly said...

Sounds like you two had an amazing summer! Love all the pictures - Hannah is just beautiful. So fun to hear about how this summer compares to last. Blessings to you two.

minime0910 said...

Just catching up on the blog..I look at your Hannah and I see my own Hannah in a few years....I too have a girly girl, which is new territory for me. I would have loved baseball camp, but it sounds like both of our Hannah's would much prefer tea parties and dress up! SOunds like you both had a wonderful summer and she is really blossoming. She will be a great kindergartener!