Saturday, July 14, 2012

Life is good

So often I get caught up in my busy life--it's not so busy compared to a lot of other people but working full time and being a single mom sure seems busy to me.
I feel the pressure of rushing in the mornings because I can't be late for work and then being so tired by the time we get home.  After dinner is made and eaten, it seems like we have very little time for fun and often my patience is barely hanging on. I have been known to lose it when Hannah can't decide what she wants to wear that day or when she stops to look at every little thing on the way to the car or when she just decides not to listen to me and keeps doing her own thing.  I also get quite disgusted with myself for doing things like forgetting her swimsuit on sprinkler day, forgetting to take her to her tutor session, misplacing some important papers from work, and all the other stupid things I do that I blame on not having enough time.  Somedays I feel completely overwhelmed when I look at how behind I am on laundry, how dirty the bathroom has gotten, how full my closets are, or how dirty my car is. was a beautiful summer day that made me forget all that and just enjoy my life.
I did spend the morning cleaning.  Hannah alternated between watching a movie and playing when she was not helping me clean--which she did happily so it was very peaceful.
After lunch we went off to the pool with good friends--two other single moms and their girls.  We swam most of the afternoon, ate at subway together, and then went back to swim most of the evening.  Weather was perfect, the kids were great, and the company was good.  We had a great combination of kids playing nicely so we could have time to have adult talk and kids playing with us.  I even overheard  Hannah tell some one else, "My mom's the best".
On the way home we stopped at Dairy Queen and shared an oreo brownie sundae-- totally awesome treat and we had such fun sharing it.
At home we showered, put on our pajamas and then Hannah asked me if she could snuggle with me and watch a movie for a little while.  How could I say no to that so...I said yes.  We found an American Girl movie on TV and snuggled into the couch.  She leaned up against me and enjoyed what she saw of the movie.  It felt so wonderful to have her fall asleep in my arms and to carry her into bed like a baby.  I remember the first night I had her at the hotel in Russia--my heart feeling so full as I watched her sleeping in my bed and could hardly believe she was mine.  I relived that feeling tonight.

I don't care about any of that stuff in the first paragraph---I  love my life!!!


JaneMM said...

That was wonderful!! I'm so glad that you both are enjoying your time together. I have my own wonderful news....I am waiting for the last step, the travel approval. I should be traveling to China at the end of August to meet my son. Can you believe it? My blog is back up and running.. a little slow at first, but I will pick up speed soon.

Take care,

Pamela said...

A real, from the heart post about single adoptive mothers. DITTO!

Kimberly said...

Mary - I love this post - I can so relate - to both paragraphs!
Hope you continue to many more 2nd paragraph days!

lisa said...

So spot on Mary! 24/7 sometimes is overwhelming! I find myself yelling and turn around and say I am sorry only to be forgiven with a sweet hug! Just remember... U are exactly where u r supposed to be and I KNOW.... You are a great mother and Hannah is so so lucky to have you!! Love, Stella and Lisa

Kelly and Sne said...

I am not a single Mom and I can so relate to this too (dual-career parents don't have it too much easier). Fortunately now that school has started we can't drop them off any earlier than 8:15 so we've left wake up time the same which gives us a cushion of time and reduces stress - now to get my husband to buy into that! My weak point is at night when I am exhausted too and kids are goofing off and not cooperating to get to bed at a decent time. In any case - we do what we can and as long as we end the mornign and evening with a kiss and a hug I think that kids understand. And it sounds like you take advantage of the quality time you do have and make wonderful memories with your girl. I am trying to apply more vacation time to staying home wiht the kids and doing something special with them during days off of school rather than bringing the nanny in. Here's to more "playdates" with our kids!