Sunday, November 18, 2007


Hi all,
I thought I would start a blog for all those interested in following my journey.
Just about one year ago I started rethinking my life and what I wanted out of it, where I was at, etc. I have a great job and have done many things in my professional life that I had never dreamed of doing but something was missing. I started by trying to think of what I wanted to do with my career and realized that my unmet dreams did not lie with my job but in my personal life.
My dream of being a mother was what began to monopolize my thoughts. Since I was 45 at the time, I thought this is crazy but I couldn't get it out of my mind. I always thought adoption would be for me but I had also always thought the husband would come first but...that hasn't happened yet so..I decided to go for it on my own.
I applied to Children's Hope International in Feb. of 2007 after about three months of research. I also choose Kazakhstan as my country to adopt from. I knew nothing about Kazakhstan before this and still know very little but I am learning and have felt great about both choices since making them.
Until I did the research I had no idea how lengthy and costly the process was so it was daunting at first but still exciting. I have been fingerprinted by USCIS, checked out by the FBI and the local police, been evaluated by a medical doctor, a physochologist, and a social worker, had to find five references, took several parenting classes, and filled out mountains of paperwork. Fortunately everyone found me to be suitable material for motherhood.
It took me several months to complete all these processes and get approval from the US government. All this paperwork then needs to be notarized and apostilled--again something I knew nothing about but apostille is a verification from the Secretary of the State that basically says the notary is valid and this makes your paperwork valid outside of the US also.
My completed Dossier finally went to my adoption agency (CHI) at the end of July.
From there it gets translated into Russian, then goes to the Kazakshstan Consulate in New York, then to the Ministry of Foriegn Affairs in Kazakhstan, and next to the Ministry of Education in Kazakhstan--finally they are the ones to match a child to me and invite me to travel to Kazakhstan. Right now my dossier is at the Ministry of Foriegn Affairs in Kazakhstan--it arrived there on Oct. 19th and I am waiting to hear more.
Every step is exciting as you know you are one step closer but each step brings about another waiting step.
As another blogger stated: It is God's timeline. I pray for it to go quickly but mostly to be accepting of whatever timeline God has for me.
"I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him" I Samuel 1:27

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KPARSI said...

Hey Mary, this is wonderful news and I could not be happier for you!!!! PLEASE let me now if there is anything I can do to help out and I want to be the first relative to offer to host a "family" shower when the time is right! Keep me ion the loop as you can and once again, congratulations!!!
In my prayers,