Monday, November 26, 2007


That's how you pronounce thank-you in Russian
I spent time on the internet this weekend and found a great site to help learn Russian--you can find it in my favorite links section if you want to speak Russian also.
I couldn't believe how many sites came up when I searched "learn to speak Russian". I looked at just a few and liked this one. It looks like a difficult language--so far I'm just working on the alphabet which is quite different from ours. I am learning to recognize some of their letters and to learn the sounds that go with them. for instance--B is pronounced like "v" in English. there are many other letters that I can't type because they don't look anything like our letters.
Anyway--that's how I spent some of my weekend.
Thanksgiving was a quiet holiday for my which was nice. I had my turkey and pumpkin pie so all was good. I hope you all had a good one as well.
No news on the adoption front. I wanted to say sps-see-ba (thank-you) to all of you who are supporting me and who left me such nice comments either through the blog or via my email. I appreciate the support.

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Matthew and Suzanne said...

Just found your blog and caught up. We're also adopting from Kaz. You have had a busy year and made a lot of progress, congrats. Will continue to check in.