Friday, July 11, 2008

Vacation's all I ever wanted...Vacation..have to get away

Rmember that song by the Go-Go's?
Tomorrow I leave for my vacation--to Virginia Beach!!!
My sister-in-law, my niece, and I are going to visit my little brother and his fiancee who lives only a couple blocks from the beach!!!!
Taking a little break is just what I need--work has been busy and my counterpart at work has been out on surgical leave so I have even more to do. The adoption world hasn't been doing much but the constant waiting/wanting kind of wears on you so this week away from everything will be great.
I feel happier already and I know I will come back totally refreshed--and I will be that much closer to getting "the call". In a fit of optimism, I did make sure that my agency had my cell number "just in case".
I am also taking a vacation from blogs, email, etc during this next week but my friend Lisa is going to update me if anything really exciting happens... so I will see all you guys later--have a great week. If something great happens for you, I am very excited and will catch up when I get back.


the regentins said...

Good for you!!! Have fun on your vacation! ps... I love that song too.

Kelly and Sne said...

Have a great time!

Michelle and Jeff said...

Have a wonderful, refreshing trip!!

Alysa said...

Okay, I think I'm jealous of your vacation by the beach! Have a wonderful and relaxing time!

lisa said...

Hope you had a great vacation....sorry...... absolutely nothing happened, as far as I know...on the adoption front!!!


Karen said...

Enjoy your time off--you deserve some R&R. And let's hope your cell phone rings with good news soon.

Angela said...

I hope you had a wonderful vacation. I fantacize about spending a whole week just sitting on the beach. It sounds like the best thing ever. I think it is so important to take breaks from this process because it is so intense.

Looking forward to reading about "the call" here!

Aaron & Julie said...

So glad you are getting some time away. Hope you had a great vacation!!

Sheila said...

Hi - I am also adopting from Kaz and came upon your blog. My dossier is now at the MOFA and I am trying to get an idea of my timeframe. So, I have to ask - is it unusual that your dossier would still be at the MOE since November? Have you been assigned a region yet? I had no idea that things could take that long. I hope that you adoption starts to love along and you get you LOI soon!