Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Starting all over and getting smarter

I knew starting over would seem like a set back but I didn't realize that it would seem like a totally new journey. The processes between my new and old agencies are so different and I really feel like a newbie. There is so much focus on education and preparation with this agency and it has been great.
The only downfall is that it makes the process a little longer but I have really been enjoying it.
Last week I spent two full days in Pre-Adoption classes where they discussed many topics such as attachment, losses and grief in adoption, development issues, adopting children from institutions vs. foster care, and inter-racial and transcultural parenting. They also had sessions with the specialists from each country they work with and each person could attend two--in these sessions you got an in-depth explanation of the program in that country. I went to Russia and Ethiopia--after doing that I wanted to adopt from both countries! We also had panel discussions led by adoptive persons, adoptive parents, and birth parents so we could get their perspective on all sides of the process. It was extremely enlightening and interesting the whole time. Of course, it was all prospective adoptive parents attending and I got to meet some more great people and make some invaluable connections.
I will also have one more required day of education that is all about adopting a child over one year old. I expect it will be just as interesting and informative and am really looking forward to it. You can bring as many support people to this class as you want so I am hoping that my sisters and my best friend can come with.
I now have TONS of homework--a big long list of essay questions to complete about every topic imaginable when adopting a child from another country.
After spending two days with the staff at the agency and meeting most of the people I will be working with, I feel so good about my choices--they were awesome and it is easy to see that building an effective family is the primary goal.
After my homework is done the social worker will visit and do my homestudy.
It may take me a while but I am off on a new journey to find my daughter in Russia.


lisa said...

Please don't forget your Kaz connections! I know that you won't Miss Mary! This all sounds wonderful. Your daughter....and my son are out there.....I just feel that the time is coming for them to be home with us!!!

Mama Andrea said...

I'm very excited for you and your new direction! I know what you mean about feeling like a newbie again. Lots to learn with different programs and agencies.

Suzanne said...

I love to see how you're embracing this new twist in your journey and how it's feeding you!


jeff said...


Good to hear that things are going well. I spent last night working on my documents for Russia and was wondering how you were doing. Education is definitely a good thing and you can never have too much of it.

Best to ya...

Rose said...

Hi Mary!

Good to hear that you're moving right along! Can't wait to see where the road leads you!


mcnelson said...

I would love to go to the class with you - just let me know when

qmiller said...

Sounds like a great beginning to this new adventure! So happy that you are moving forward and feel so happy and confident in your new direction. Yahoo-dee!

Aaron & Julie said...

So glad that you are comfortable with your agency & country. It makes a world of difference. I love the education immersion. Keep following your heart..

JaneMM said...


This all sounds great. I can't wait to hear more. Talk to you soon.

Katie said...

I am so excited to hear about your new plans, I can completely relate to your notion of starting over- it is a new journey- and a new adventure! Good luck! Katie