Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Home for the Holidays

I just finished watching the TV special "A Home for the Holidays" hosted by Faith Hill who was adopted. The show highlighted children in foster care in the United States and the need for adoptive parents.
It really pulled at my heart and I found myself crying. The show itself was good--I am a Faith Hill fan so I liked it. I think it had a good message too but it was hard for me to watch. All this waiting and working through all phases of the process is just so hard and I was feeling sorry for myself as I saw those other families formed through adoption. I also felt sorry for the featured kids who wanted to be adopted and stated "It is hard to get adopted but I will keep trying". I have to ask myself again (as so many times in the past)--If there are so many waiting children and so many waiting parents, why is is so hard to adopt or be adopted?? It doesn't make sense to me and the waiting is just so so hard.

Sorry for the downer at the Holidays. I really am ready for Christmas and am looking forward to spending it with my family.
Merry Christmas to all of you.


Kim said...

We watched it too. It was very emotional. The end was the hardest part. I wish there were more stories and less singing though. Something needs to be done about the system, no doubt.

Merry Christmas Mary!

(Oh and Noah picked your name and you won the contest, can you email me your address?)

Rose said...

Hi Mary,

Home for the Holidays has been my favorite Christmas special for years...it always makes me cry. It was especially meaningful to me this year because, when I decide the time is right for me to adopt, my plan this time is to adopt an older child from foster care. What really got me was when one dad reported how his "special needs" daughter is now on the Honor Roll in school...just goes to show what love can do!

Merry Christmas!

Mama Andrea said...

I'm very sorry about your dad. You've been in my thoughts and prayers this holiday. This season is so tough when you're missing someone.

It is so good to hear your adoption is progressing. Vigilance, my friend! I'm quite battleworn with mine, and trudging on. Waiting for MONTHS for homestudy paperwork. It showed up Monday in the mail, stamped by a notary that expires in June..... sigh. Serenity now.

Matthew and Suzanne said...

I didn't watch Home for the Holidays. But it is amazing how hard it seems to be on both sides -to adopt and to be adopted. WHY? There are plenty of PAPs and children. I go to the Y and there is a rotating display of children who awnt to be adopted and are ready to be adopted. Theres a photo of a 9yo boy who is waiting. He haunts me in my sleep. But I have so much on my plate already!

Julian and Sara said...

Hi Mary -

Just checking in to wish you a Happy New Year!


Aaron & Julie said...

Hi Mary -
Wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!! You went through a lot in 2008 - I pray 2009 holds blessings & meeting your daughter :)

zeunkazkids said...

THinking of you Mary.


Karen said...

2009 will be your year Mary. You've been through so much in the last year—you are so deserving of some happiness. Can't wait to follow you as you move closer to your dream of becoming a mother.

Happy New Year.

Rose said...

Hi Mary,

I still get emails from Rainbow Kids about "special needs" kids. I got an email about a 1 year old girl from Eastern Europe who's only special need is that she has Hep C antibodies, but she tested positive for Hepatitis. If you'd like to log-in and get more info, please send me your email address...I can't find it!

Harmondk2 said...

I completely understand....I have asked our agency that same question. We are so eager to bring our little angel home, we are good people and have so so so much love to share - I wish our chance to share it would come.
One thing I have decided is to stop guessing when we'll get that call. I think in the long run...it's really hurting me. I think we'll start focusing on house projects to keep our minds occupied!!

It is great to "hear" your voice! I hope you had a great New Years...talk with you soon - Kari