Sunday, April 12, 2009

Russian Travel

Wow--it's been a month since I made an entry--time sure flies when you are doing nothing.
No--I am not going to Russia yet as the title implies but I did attend a Russian Travel orientation at the agency. I have heard many people on the chat boards talk about three trips to Russia but my agency still prepares us for two trips as that is what their families have been able to do. I learned lots of good info about what to expect when a referral actually does come. Unfortunately, I still have no idea when that will happen. I do love going to the classes they offer because they always end them with a panel of parents who have already adopted and their children--it is so cool to see them and to hear their stories.
I have been amazingly patient with this wait--more so than with the first one. Maybe because I am experienced in the disappointment of not going so I am afraid to be too hopeful or maybe because of the realization that the end cost (financially) will much higher than I had started out expecting so I need to spend some time socking away as much money as I can. I used to put my overtime earnings away to the adoption fund but OT has been nearly eliminated at my work so now I need to look at ways to decrease spending--not quite as easy as working overtime. but..I am extremely happy that I do have my job and have no fear of losing it--that is not true for many people so I am grateful.

I had a great Easter with my sister and her in-laws. We did church, Easter egg hunt, and the big dinner with ham and all the fixings.
The rest of my family was pretty spread out. Two of my brothers took their sons and went snow-mobiling in the Buckhorn Mountains of Wyoming--their third trip there this winter but as my nephew says "We gotta ride as long as there is snow". They love it.
Both of their wives worked the weekend but they got together with my Mom after they got off work and had a big dinner. both sisters when to their in-laws and then two of my brother's live on the west coast so they did their own thing with family members. It was kind of weird because Easter was usually the big holiday in our family (We love the celebration of Christ rising) and we would all get together but my sister's in-laws were a great substitute for my family.

Two of my adoption friends live in Tennessee where the tornadoes hit. Their town was hit hard but fortunately both of them and their families are okay. My thoughts go out to those who lost their homes or other things and especially to those who lost loved ones or who were harmed.


qmiller said...

Happy Easter, Mary! Hoping that your little one is home with you next Easter, and that you're busy coloring eggs and establishing your own new traditions!

Kelly and Sne said...

I applaud you for being more patient this time. I wish I could find more patience as we haven't even been able to begin the process for #2 in Kaz! At least you'll be more than prepared when you do go - financially and otherwise (you could always devote the time to learning Russian!).

Lou Ann said...

Thanks for checking in on Lexie and I. I'm sure you will be enjoying Easter next year with your little one. Even though Lexie was my first attempt to adopt from Kaz I had two failed domestic adoptions prior to that. So even though things are great now I think part of the simply joy in life is due to the wait and disappointments along the way. It makes everything seem so much better when you do finally have your sweet pea to share life with. You're doing great. Your time will come and when it does you'll be amazed at how wonderful it really is.

Lou Ann & Lexie too

Gretchen said...

The wait is so hard. I'm glad you are staying so positive. Thank you for thinking of us. It was a terrible storm and we were very lucky.

Kim said...

I am glad you are being patient, I wish some of that would find its way to me. :) Patience is not in the vocabulary these days. Hahaha!

Karen said...

Patience and cutting corners (saving money)—two very hard things to master, but it's good practice because you'll need it in spades once you get your baby home.

lisa said...

Patience is a virtue that I know I do not possess! It is so hard. I miss you. It's sad that we don't have Kaz in common anymore. I am hoping you have a short wait and a wonderful Journey!

Baby Kaz Moore said...

I admire your patience. Boy, it sure is hard to practice as I wait for number 2. Best, Susan

McMary said...

Thanks for the thoughts Susan--if you are reading this, could I please be invited to view your blogs?
Thanks, Mary
mcnab dot mary at mayo dot edu