Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A new Day

Okay--it's a new day and a new attitude.
Enough feeling sorry for myself. Pick myself back up and all that.
Today I can truly feel happy for all the good news coming out of Russia and look at that as a sign of hope for myself.
Big congrats to my friend Kim who was referred the most beautiful little girl. I keep being reminded that good things do happen.


qmiller said...


Emily said...

Praying for you Mary. The waiting is so hard!! I had a really discouraging day yesterday too - it's hard to sit with no news and no idea of a timeline. Let me know if you need anything or want to talk.

Aaron & Julie said...

You have been though so much, Mary - know that hugs & prayers continually go out to you. It is okay to have down days - I'm impressed you turned it around in a day :) God is faithful, but I can't imagine how hard it is to see a similar pattern w/ Russia that you experience with Kaz. Hang in there. You are right - you hope, you cry, you pray. And know there are people standing by you every step of the way!

Also - I wanted to give you encouragement on the funding. I don't know how it works out, but somehow it does ;) Even when it doesn't add up on paper.

Tammy said...


Thanks for the invite! I can't wait to follow your journey as well. Hopefully soon and very soon, right? You and I are in this Wait together and I know how hard it is. Some many up and down days. Heck, so many up and down hours!!

What region in Russia are you going to? It is very exciting to know where you are going and when you're connected to that region's group, you feel like you already know the place before you even get there.

Kelly and Sne said...

It will happen for you and you're conflicting feelings of jealousy and happiness are perfectly normal. I can't help but feel a twinge of jealousy with the happiness when I hear about others getting matched with or an LOI for their second child as we are waiting for the same. This is in spite of a bunch of stuff going on at work that would make a match really inconvenient right now. These emotions are never rational!

Plus it seems like the process is like a lottery. Or like trying to pick the right line at the grocery. Yours is always the slowest and just when you switch it's like someone ahead of you can find her checkbook! I'm sure your time will come as you're doing everything to make sure that it does.

Lou Ann said...

Mary, I know it's been a long and hard road that you have travel (and still are traveling) to get to your child but never doubt that you will get there. And you will appreciate your child and the life you create with her even more because of the journey. I'm going to be 48 in a few months (I still find that hard to believe) and I jokingly say I can pay for Lexie's college with my social security! But she keeps me young and makes me happy and I know I make her happy so everything works out like it should. Hang in there and know in your heart that when it's your time it will be the BEST time for both of you.

Lou Ann & Lexie too