Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's a small world

Yesterday I attended the annual SW Minnesota picnic that my agency hosts. At first I realized that everyone there had adopted already and I didn't know anyone but then I ran into a woman from the support group I attend and enjoyed the meal with her and her family and got to meet a couple new families that she knew.
Then just as I was about to leave, this woman called out my name. It was an old coworker of mine from more than 12 years ago and I hadn't recognized her. She and her husband have adopted from Russia twice (in 2003 and 2006) and have two darling girls. I talked with them for over an hour and they had so much information to give.
I really feel like I scored because I rekindled an old friendship and I found some one (who lives here) to help guide me through the process. She and her husband were so excited for me and so willing to share--they will be invaluable to me when it gets time to travel, etc.
It is amazing how many wonderful people I have come to know just because I started this process.


Karen said...

I agree--the adoption community is so support. Like you, I feel like a scored many times over.

lisa said...

I agree. You are one of the best, in my book!

Misty Clark said...

How great! So happy you have a good support group nearby.

Lou Ann said...

Mary it's wonderful to have people help guide you through this crazy process and even better when they are old friends. What a great "find!"

Thanks as always for checking in on Lexie & I. As you say it's been a summer of kids and Lexie couldn't be happier so of course Mommy is too.

Have faith that your turn will come when your child is ready to come home to you. It WILL happen!

Lou Ann & Lexie too