Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Adoption Song

There is an old song that was always one of my favorites and when I started this adoption journey it took on new meaning for me and seemed to speak directly to this journey. It is a song about how everything we go through in our lives, leads us to the one we were meant to be with. Very early on, I printed the lyrics on my blog but little did I know exactly how many obstacles would be placed along the way.
The song still fits this journey so well and I pray for the day that I can actually say I have reached the one that was meant for me.
I finally went out and found the song and added it to my blog.
It is called "To get me to you" by Lila McCann. I hope you enjoy it also.


lisa said...

How are you doing Miss Mary? No news here except that my dossier is being translated....that's something I guess......can't wait for it to move!

Kim said...

Oh wow Mary, that song made me cry! It is PERFECT!

qmiller said...

Sweet... : )