Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yep--fingerprints are still the same

I travelled 80 miles to St. Paul today to have my fingerprints done for for USCIS the third time--that's right they expired again. Guess what--they are still the same. I don't understand the need for new fingerprints every year since the guys on CSI can use them from decades ago but I will follow the rules--whatever it takes. My I-171H expires in May 2010 so my new goal is to have this adoption completed before I need to renew that--keep your fingers crossed for me.

I would like to ask you guys to join me in praying for my friend Kim--her little daughter Ellie needs heart surgery and it is a very difficult time for the whole family. Send prayers her way for a successful surgery with a quick and complete recovery so that Ellie is as good as new.

My friend Stacey is in Kazakhstan right now at an orphanage bringing the children love, laughter, fun, and donations. She and her husband are on the "Two Hearts for Hope" mission trip. It is amazing what they are doing. I so wish I could be there but I am very grateful there are people like them. It is all possible becasue of everyone that has donated items or money to "Two Hearts for Hope". If you want to see the kids and read about her trip check out the "Two Hearts" blog by clicking on the link on my sidebar and going to the blog. The kids are so precious.

Also have to give a shout out to my blogger friend Chris who just finalized her adoption of the beautiful Caroline from China. congrats Chris.

Last night I started a new diet program--they call it a Health Maintenance Program--but whatever the goal is the same--to get rid of some of this extra flab on my body and increase my energy level. I figure I better be prepared to run after this little person I will be living with--hopefully soon.
anyway--I got rid of all the "bad" food in my house and stocked up on the foods that are "in the box". A phrase I am quite tired of but that is what they use--when eating "stay in the box" to be the most successful. Again, keep your fingers crossed for me that my motivation stays up.
gotta go exercise now.


Alysa said...

I had to redo my FBI and local background checks, thus my fingerprints, four times before my son's adoption was complete. And had to obtain new notarized/apostilled copies of my birth certificate! Yep, those change too apparently! As ridiculous as it is, at least it is another box you can check off.

Sending prayers from Colorado to to your friend's little girl. She's going to recover quickly and be a happy, healthy little girl!

Congrats on your diet plan. You're inspiring me to do the same. I managed to gain a ton of weight AFTER getting home with an active little boy. Not only did I fatten him up (definitely needed), but managed to do the same for myself. Argh.

qmiller said...

Go Mary, Go!! : )

Karen said...
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Karen said...

You were in St. Paul today and didn't tell me????? Darn.

Good idea to get rid of all the bad food in the house. You'll need to build a lot of will power because once your little one is home things change. Before child, I ate veggies, salads, fruit. After child, mac and cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, grilled cheese sandwiches, mashed potatoes—it's comfort food like I never had before. Hide the scales.

McMary said...

Karen and Alysa,
You guys are depressing me--I was hoping that weight would come off when I had a little one to run after and try to feed healthy--you are bursting my bubble!

Irishdrums said...

You can do it Mary! Good idea to rid the house of the bad foods -- I try to do that but I still let myself hide some dark choc. somewhere (just in case) :)

Kimberly said...

I just had to re-do my I171H paperwork myself - can't believe I needed to - who knew this would take so long?? UGH! I'll be praying that you won't have the need to renew yours next May!