Sunday, September 6, 2009

Time for an update

I have been lax at blogging lately--enjoying the summer, too busy, too lazy, hooked on facebood instead, no big news--those are just some of the excuses that may apply.

Related to my own adoption, there is no news from the waiting aspect--it just continues. You guys will be among the first to know if I hear anything.
I do have my appointment for my fingerprints from USCIS now--it is only two days before they expire which is a little close for my comfort but I guess it works.
Last weekend I had my first fundraiser. I held a garage sale at a friends house--better location and larger garage. Many fiends and family donated items for me to sell and we had a great day. I was only able to have a one day sale but it was fantastic. We had a lot of fun and raised good money. The funnest (is that a word?) parts for me were the help from my friends and also the shoppers who had some connection to adoption and took the time to tell me their stories. It was very touching to feel so supported. The sale ran from 7am to 4pm which I thought would leave me exhausted but instead I felt renewed and uplifted--what a great side effect that I didn't expect. After the sale, my closest friends had me over for drinks on the patio--it was the perfect end to a perfect day.

My adoption connections just keep growing. Our adoption support group added another new member this week and we had a great dinner together as usual.
One of our members just came home from Ethiopia with her new little son so I want to say congrats to Emily--your son is beautiful.
I also want to say congrats to some other adoption friends that I know through the internet.
Sam who just brought home her daughter from Ethiopia.
Andrea who just recieved a referral for her daughter from Ethiopia.
Katie who just received her daughter from Russia
Robin who has recieved a referral for her son from Korea.
Tammy who just adopted her son domestically
It is great to see these women reach their dreams and to see these children find their forever families.

I have two great events to tell you about.
A good friend of mine adopting from Peru has started an organization here in Minnesota to help Minnesota families with grants for their adoptions. She has started the "Chosen One Run" which will be an annual event. The first one will be help on Sept. 12th. If you some, you will see me there as a volunteer.
Check out her website.

I also want to put in another plug for "Two Hearts for Hope"--the amazing organization that helps Kazakhstan orphans. Please check out their website and consider donating to the playground fund and/or entering the raffle for a handpainted picture of Kazakhstan.

There are so many children living in orphanages all around the world--any way you can help is appreciated.

Sorry I couldn't get the links to attach--so frustrating. You will have to cut and paste.


Irishdrums said...

Love your scrapbook theme to your decorations here Mary! And that Two Hearts for Hope site is amazing as well -- I love their playground building idea.

lisa said...

That's so great that you have friends that came through for you! I know it meant a lot to you. Yeah!!

Baby Kaz Moore said...

I'm sending you best wishes for travels soon to meet your little one. Although we each have different paths along the journey, we each are together in our journeys. Best wishes, Susan

Kelly and Sne said...

Great that you are building a network. I hope that you hear something soon about your own adoption though!

qmiller said...

Mary: Hoping that you join the list of successful moms is about time!! : ) Glad to hear about your terrific support network and fundraising efforts.

Karen said...

Sounds like you have an amazing group of friends. The support group also sounds terrific. (Too bad I live 90 minutes away.) I wish I had one. The adoption play group I started last year has all but fizzled. I just couldn't keep it going without support and sadly no one stepped up to make it happen.

Also thanks for always leaving such encouraging comments on my blog. It means a lot. Hope we get to meet someday soon.

Hang in there Mary—you'll be a mama real soon!!!!