Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In Moscow--on our last leg before home

I am in Moscow. My internet time here is not free so this will be short.
The flight was okay--Hannah tolerated it pretty well and slept for a short time.
When we arrived we went directly to the Doctor that works for the embassy and he declared Hannah healthy.
then onto her picture for immigrant visa and then finally to the hotel.
we arrived at the hotel at 11:30am but because of the time change we had already been up for 12 hours so it was a long day. We just hung out at the hotel and I splurged with room service so we didn't have to go anywhere.
when I put her down for a nap at 1:30 we both slept and then I work her up at 4--I think she felt like it was night time but I didn't want her to be awake all night so I got her up.
She did well. She is changing daily--she is the not the totally shy and quiet girl that she used to be. She is more comfortable around strangers and is more talkative in public and very talkative in our room. She definitely has found her voice and she is quite a little director. I can't tell you how many times I heard "MaMa" today and sometimes it was quite demanding--but it is still music to my ears. She just keeps getting cuter.
It is very hard to take pictures of her when no one else is around--she will not hold still for me. pictures today.
We have a totally free day tomorrow while the embassy processes our paperwok and then a busy day on Friday--tour of Moscow and Embassy appt on Friday.
The Home Saturday. Yeah!!!


Cameron and Kyle said...

Happy to hear she is finding her voice! Love your updates.

Annie said...

Wow, Mary! Your story is becoming so real in the life of beautiful little Hannah! You will be the most awesome mother! I look forward to meeting her. Safe travels!

Kim said...

Welcome to Moscow! Wasn't the Embassy doctor funny! He told us that Ellie was crying because she was a drama queen at the orphanage and to just ignore her when she does that, LOL! Um no, maybe she is scared of you?!?! :-)

lisa said...

I am so glad that u have this private time with your Hanna, I'm sure u both will remember it forever. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful daughter and she is so lucky to have found the most perfect Mama!!



Anita said...

So happy for you! I know you must be so excited to get home and introduce your family to Hannah. I'm so glad she is finding her voice.

Lou Ann said...

It's wonderful that Hannah is talking so much since she clearly feels comfortable with her mommy. I can hear the love in your writing. Enjoy all your private moments now as I'm sure she'll have lots more people loving on her when you get home!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

Gretchen said...

Wonderful that you will be home soon with Hannah. Enjoy Moscow!

JaneMM said...

You will be home soon. You're adventure has been inspiring. Hannah is just beautiful. My toughts are with you.


Tammy said...

Congratulations Mary!! I am just catching on now and WOW! Is Hannah beautiful!! I am so happy for you - all the waiting and disappointments and frustrations are now OVER! Real life and real happiness can begin!

All of the things you mentioned sound very normal at this stage of the game. Kids her age are picky eaters in general. Throw in a total life change and they get even more picky. Probably the best advise I have read is to not measure how much she has eaten today - measure how much she has eaten in a week or even a month. It usually evens itself out. And give it a couple of months before you really evaluate it. It will take some time for her stress levels to come down and being uncertain or anxious can certainly affect one's appetite.

It is GOOD GOOD GOOD that she seeks you out for comfort in a crowd. Don't worry yet about how she ends things as soon as a connection is made (eye contact, fun games, etc.) All that intimacy is scary and new and she is already on sensory overload. Keep doing it, comment on how good it feels when those connections are made, how healthy mommies and daughters have those feel good moments, etc. It is good you are noticing those things so that you can continue to encourage it but don't worry too much about it just yet. There will be plenty of time for worrying later on LOL!!

I'm guessing you guys are already home by now and trying to make sense of how life will be now. I hope you guys had an uneventful trip and that you arrived home safely!

Again, congratulations and I am so, so happy for you and Hannah! Way to go Mommy!

Kim said...

You must be on your way home now! Praying for a smooth flight home!

Alysa said...

Just checking in to see how your trip home went. I'm sure it was exhausting -- it would be without a child and is definitely more trying with! Hope you are both settling in and getting some well deserved rest.

Misty Clark said...

Enjoy your time in Moscow. It will be wonderful to have you home with your daughter!