Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend update

Silly girl

reading to her animals she has lined up in the corner

at the restaurant

I'm writing this at 1:30pm on Monday.
Hannah is napping so Mama gets some computer time.

Sunday was another great day--we did really well together and spent most of the day in the hotel room except for going out to eat. It was just Hannah and I for lunch at the hotel cafe. Once again she ate some of my food but not what I thought she would eat. Then supper was out to a restaurant with Craig and Janet. I ordered chicken and rice and some fruit--thank goodness I ordered fruit because that is all she would eat.--oh and some ice cream for dessert.
Bedtimes have been easy but not without tears--she cries for about one minute when I tell her its time for bed but is stopped by the time I get her there. She listens to me read the only three books that I brought and then she goes to sleep with her animal in her hand and her thumb in her mouth--it is so sweet. She does the same at naptime but falls asleep almost instantly then.
This morning we went to the hotel buffett for breakfast and she finally ate some protein--one and a half boiled eggs, three chicken meatballs, two pieces of cheese, and some bread with jelly. That is definitely the most she has eaten at one setting.
She is talking to me quite a bit but I don't understand most of it. She still clams up when strangers are around which I think is a good thing. She is definitely more comfortable as she was yelling in the hotel hallway today. That is the first time I have heard her be loud in public. She listens pretty well though when I tell her not to do something or to do something--sometimes she says no first but she usually does it.
Today we are going out to get her passport with her new name. It is minus 31 degrees so that will be our only outing today.
I haven't talked much about her name. She was called Rah-ya at the orphanage and answers to that but she also knows her name of Hannah. I have been calling her Hannah all the time because that is just how I think of her and she definitely knows it so that transition is going well too.
sleeping and eating are our big events--between those times Hannah plays--sometimes with me and sometimes without me. She is always busy and is very busy--she knows which things are hers and which are Mama's and she leaves mine alone. When we play together we read books, color, or I just follow her around. I have tried to do some more physical stuff like chase her and grab her, toss her around, lift her up and down, dance and sing or yell (she is so quiet)--she laughs at first but it seems that as soon as she realizes we are both having fun she wants me to stop so it never lasts for very long. I did have a kids movie in my laptop this am and she started out sitting by me and gradually wound up laying beside me with her head leaning on my stomach and kind of snuggled in--that was the same thing, once she realized how comfortable she was up against Mama she moved. The only time she stays snuggled into me is when she is asleep so I enjoy it then.
In many ways I am anxious to get home but in some ways I am enjoying these days of just her and me without any outside distractions.


Cameron and Kyle said...

Her eating sounds completely normal for her age. One day they love something and the next day they will not touch it. Its frustrating but it all evens out through the course of a week. Enjoy your time sounds like such a wonderful time.

Alysa said...

The "alone" time in-country with your child is so precious -- there will likely never be another time that is solely focused on the two of you -- so enjoy it!

She sounds like she is adapting well. It's hard to imagine how she must view her completely changed world, except to know that you are the bridge from her old life to her new life. She is so blessed to have you.

Can't wait to read more and see more pics of your darling daughter!

Kimberly said...

Oh my - this is so precious to read about and I am just so happy to know you are both doing so well!

Aaron and Julie said...

I love the first photo you posted - it looks like Hannah is having so much fun :) Her eyes are twinkling! I loved the in-country bonding. There is nothing like it - it is truly just the two of you right now without other distractions.

mcnelson said...

Everything sounds wonderful - and perfectley normal!! I hope it continues that way!
I have a feeling that she may not be so quiet when she gets comfortable around all her cousins! :)
I love all the updates and can't wait to see both of you on Saturday!

Irishdrums said...

Hi Mary and Hannah,
Thanks for the continued updates even though we know how busy you must be. Still wonderful to hear how you both are doing every day or so. Dan and I have both been enjoying all the pictures. The one where Hannah is "reading a book" to her animals all lined up -- it looks like a book of pictures. Is it the book of McNab family pictures? If so that would be really sweet if she's imitating you by doing the same thing you have been doing -- showing her pics of her new family. You both look so happy. Too bad she's a picky eater -- maybe she prefers American food! :) Good 'ole mac'n'cheese and hot dogs, or spaghetti. My biggest food critics are our friend's 3 kids under the age of 6 -- we bring dinner over to their house sometimes and Aurora (who is 4) can always be counted on for an honest assessment of the meal for the night.