Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun times

Hannah and I had a photo session and I finally got the CD so will post a few of my favorite pictures--I just love her different expressions on these.

Two nights ago Hannah and I were doing arts and crafts--she was cutting pieces of construction paper and putting stickers on them. It was a child's safety scissors that she was using. I left the table for a few minutes to check on the dinner I was cooking and when I came back I found long pieces of black hair on the floor. I think I did inhale deeply and say "Oh Hannah, your hair" but then composed myself and remained very calm. She was so proud of herself so I just explained that scissors were just for hair and then put the scissors away for the day. It made me sad to see the shorter hair where she cut it but logically I know it is just hair and it will grow back. I haved already been able to laugh when telling the story.

This afternoon we were in the car and playing the "What does a cow say" game. We had exhausted a whole list of animals so I decided to ask "What does Mama say?" I was a little nervous what I would hear but Hannah didn't miss a beat and said "Pray to God, be nice, and no fussing". I guess she does listen.

Two good friends with young children recommended the movie "Discpicable Me" so I took Hannah tonight. I have to admit I wasn't too impressed in the beginning as the main characters talked about stealing and hit each other, blew each other up, and all the adults were mean to the kids, etc. but decided to stick it out a little longer as I heard it had a really great story. About 30 minutes into it (I still didn't see the nice part) Hannah turned to me and said, "Hannah done with this movie Mom". I asked if she wanted to go home and she said Yes so we did. When we got to the car she said, "That big movie naughty Mom". I was actually pretty proud of her as she knows bad behavior when she sees it.

I felt like a bad mommy today--it was sprinkler day at day care today and I forgot Hannah's swimming suit. They had extra t-shirts and underwear at daycare so Hannah had to play in the sprinkler in her underwear but I guess she didn't mind.
Maybe some day I will figure this being organized thing out but then again--maybe not.


JaneMM said...

Your pictures are precious. I love her smile. Hair grows back quickly. How fun it is to see children "experiment" with things. It is so true that you have to watch every moment!!! My thoughts are with you as you and Hannah experiment with new and exciting things. I should be starting a blog soon, I'll let you know when I get things going.

Margaret and Tom said...

She is such a sweet and intuitive girl, and you are a sweet and good mommy...don't worry about the organization thing...I can tell you still are VERY organized in my book, just by reading your blog!

Lou Ann said...

You are NOT a bad mommy just because you forgot something. If that is the case there isn't a good mommy out there!

I love the pictures of Hannah. She's just beautiful and full of life and clearly loves her mommy. It's funny that you left the big people movie. Lexie wanted to leave during Toy Story 3 (did you know you can get a refund if you leave up to 3/4 of the way through? Believe me I know!) She hasn't watched any movie through except the Cinderella DVD at home. Kids are funny and they will let you know what they like or don't like.

You guys are both doing great. Enjoy the rest of the summer! Maybe we'll be able to get together while Lexie & I are in Texas for the birth of my sisters twins.

Lou Ann & Lexie too

Kimberly said...

Love the pictures! She is just so adorable!

Tammy said...

HA! If forgetting a swimming suit is the worst thing you ever do that Hannah is one very lucky girl indeed!

I love the pictures. She comes alive in every one and you can see the genuine warmth and happiness touching her eyes.

Her bedtime the other night is precious :-) Here's to many more like that!

Mama Andrea said...

I forgot to pack shoes on dance class day and Almaz had to wear ballet slippers all day, oopsie! And if I ever remember to wash and return the nap-time blanket, it will be a miracle. You sound like you're more organized than I am!

Three Northern Stars said...

Love the photos. Such beauty and expression. Sounds like you guys are doing great. So happy for you.