Monday, July 5, 2010

Here are the pictures

I don't know what order they posted in but here are pictures of the Russian singers Hannah and I saw and some others of Hannah.
I played the CD I bought of the Tuvan throat singing group for the first time today and Hannah got very excited when she heard it saying--"Like the show Mom--the music show--I want to see the guys". She insisted on seeing "the guys" until I finally convinced her they were much too far away for us to go see them.
We had a great 4th of July with my sister and her family--baseball in hot humid weather and fireworks--very American. It was fun to have Hannah there thinking that last year she had probably never heard of America and now she was celebrating the birth of our great nation and will grow up with that as just a normal part of her life--amazing!!


lisa said...

Happy 4th Mary and Hannah! The pictures are wonderfull! Hannah looks so happy in her life!

Lou Ann said...

Hannah's just beautiful and looks so very happy. That is one adorable girl you have there Mary. I'm thrilled that you've both settled in to being a family so well.

BTW Lexie has that water toy too and she loves it. She plays with it every time I mow the back yard. I just wish I was the one playing in the water and she was mowing the lawn. Oh some day!

JaneMM said...

You look wonderful together. Hannah has grown a bit since you brought her home and look how she smiles. How wonderful it is that you found each other. Sounds as if you are keeping very busy...what a great life.

Irishdrums said...

LOVE the pics!! Hannah is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing Mary. She looks like she's growing and shining under your care and love. She's so lucky to have you as her mama. Thinking of you all often. Wish we could come see you this summer. *love and hugs* Dan and Kristin

Tammy said...

It is mind blowing to think how adoption changes a child's life, isn't it? To think where our children were last year at this time and where they are now...too enormous for words!

Hannah's smile gets brighter every time I see her! She is so beautiful!