Sunday, May 22, 2011

A moment of panic

Today Hannah asked to see the movies of Hannah--which means the videos I have on my camcorder of her. My camcorder is a hard drive with pretty big memory and I have not downloaded any of my videos since the first visit to Russia so we just hook up the camera and watch them.
Today we I hooked up the camcorder and there were no videos on it--NONE!. I thought I must have done something wrong and tried everything I knew to try with the camera but NOTHING! This meant I had no videos of Hannah, no videos of the orphanage or Russia, no video of our Gotcha moment, etc. I freaked out and Hannah couldn't understand what happened. Finally I convinced myself to calm down and think. I called Sony and asked if their was any way to recover deleted videos. They said YES! It isn't free but all I had to do was send them my camcorder and they would recover it and put it on a DVD for me. I mailed it in today. Of course there are no guarentees but I am hopeful again.
I will keep you updated.


Marianne said...

Here's hoping they can retrieve everything!

qmiller said...

Oh Mary...heart stopping moment. Fingers and toes crossed for you... Q.