Sunday, May 29, 2011

words, concepts, language

It seems to me that Hannah has had a huge jump in comprehension and use of her language--she is grasping concepts that I think are quite advanced. I don't know if I can explain it very well goes...

She fixes her own hair every morning and almost always makes one ponytail. However she is obsessed with her hair and refixes it multiple times per day. So I thought I would give her some new ideas and I fixed her hair in a new style that I thought she would really like. She took one look in the mirror and said "It is pretty Mom but actually, I like it better this way" and promptly undid it and made one ponytail again.

When I was putting her in her car seat the other morning she started the follwoing conversation.
Hannah--Mom will you get married some day?
Me---I don't know but maybe
Hannah--Well I need to find you a boy (small pause) Where is a boy??
Me--that is the big question Hannah. I don't know where.
Hannah looked pensive and then said "Well,you can dance alone"

She was sitting on the potty and wrinkled her nose and said "Ewwwwww"
I said "Oh--is your kaka stinky?" and she very seriously answers, "No, isn't. It is something outside but I don't know what."

We had a fun afternoon playing in our neighborhood park with a couple neighbor boys. Tonight while we were eating Hannah said "I want to play with Stefan and Milan so I will pray to God" and then she folded her hands and looked up to heaven and said,
"Dear God, I want to play with Stefan and Milan again someday because I really like them. Please Please God. Thank you God"

She also has grand ideas. She asked me for a barn. She thinks if she just has a barn she can have a horse a pony, a cow, a goat, chickens a bunny, a dog, and a cat. I am sure she will think of more animals to put in there too. I haven't checked with my townhome assn to see if that will be a problem or not--haha.

Every night when I put her to bed she asks "What is in the morning?". I usually tell her school or on Sat. night I say "Church". Last night I told her the morning was Saturday and she asked "Saturday--no school, no church?" When I told her that was right, she let a very enthuiastic "Yay".
Saturday morning is the favorite for both of us. She still wakes up at 6 or 6:30 but she turns on my bedroom TV and sits in bed with me. She watches cartoons and plays in bed while I alternate with playing with her and dozing off. We finally get out of bed about 8am and make breakfast together. It is the best day.

I suppose none of these things really qualifies her for genius status but..she seems pretty brilliant to me (in more ways than one).


Tammy said...

"Where is a boy?' HA! Very profound if you ask me!

I don't think we give our kids enough credit for all that goes through their minds. We only start to understand it when they start verbalizing it.

Lou Ann said...

Brilliant girl, sweet moments, wonderful life! It just doesn't get any better - does it?

Lexie calls Saturdays "Mommy & Lexie Days" and they are the best in this house too. Don't you just love how their minds work? Thanks for sharing the Hannah-isms!

Hope this Sat is another great one for you two.

Lou Ann & Lexie too

Irishdrums said...

Love this. She is so thoughtful and inquisitive. And her question about what the next day holds reminds me of the same question I would ask my mom EVERY night when she would tuck us in... Me: "Mom...what's tomorrow"...Mom: "tomorrow is Tuesday". ... Me: "What do we have to do?" :o) I always liked knowing what I had to look forward to next.

Robin said...

I just love to hear how their little minds work. I liked that she was going to find you a boy :) sometimes I just laugh at things Tyler says. It's great that your writing them down. Hannah is a little fire cracker & I love that about her!!