Friday, October 28, 2011

Two years

Two years ago today:
I met Hannah for the first time--in a visiting room in an orphanage in Sosnovaborsk, Russia--half way around the world.
She was shy, timid, very quiet, and absolutely perfect.

I looked back at my diary from that day. I wrote a pretty long detailed entry about the first visit with Hannah after I had processed it all but driving home from the orphanage I jotted down my first impression and it said:

She is the sweetest thing! My heart is full! She looked at my picture and said "Mom"!! I don't exactly feel like her mother yet but it came naturally to hug her, kiss her, and say "I'll love you forever". I got some smiles today but no real laughs. I can't wait to hear her laugh.

Two year update:
She is still the sweetest thing.
My heart is still full.
I absolutely feel like her Mother--because I am!!
It still feels natural to hug her, kiss her, and tell her "I love you forever." is natural for her to give me hugs and kisses and say "I love you Mom--YOu are in my heart."
She laughs all the time and it sounds as wonderful as I thought it would.

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Kimberly said...

Happy 2 years! Wow - how amazing. I so know what you mean about having a full heart - I wrote that very thing in my journal after meeting Emma - who was also shy and timid and didn't really laugh. I'm so happy for you and Hannah.