Thursday, March 1, 2012

Long overdue post

So long since I have last many milestones in that time.

Fun times with friends--
A fancy tea with the Sugar Plum Fairy was a highlight of Hannah's. While there, she said "I feel just like a princess" and "Mom, can I come here again."
On the same weekend we attended "The Nutcracker" ballet on Friday night and "Disney Live--a tale of three princesses" with good friends Fiona and Julie. The girls absolutely loved both.

Our second Christmas together--
we had such a fun filled weekend at my brother's house with the whole family and then a quiet morning with just the two of us and Santa presents. What a joyful time. Prior to Christmas I took her to see Santa at the mall but she would not even walk close to him--just looked from afar (very far). I forgot to take her beautiful Christmas Dress on the trip to my brother's so what did mom do?--go shopping of course!
Favorite gift--a pink unicorn from Santa. "Just what I wanted". It is still her most played with toy.

Two Years as a family--
Adoption brings so many dates to remember.
Jan. 19th marked what I call family Day--the day a Russian judge said, "Da, you are the child's mother now". We celebrated with dinner and a movie. I gave Hannah a gift from Russia. We had a very special day.
Jan. 30th was the day I got custody.
Feb. 6th was the day we got home together.
Everyday makes me so thankful to be Hannah's mother.

Loosing teeth--
Hannah lost both of her top front teeth within a couple days of each other. She has been sporting a toothless grin for quite some time now.

Lots of sports---
jumped up into school age swimming lessons so she is in the big pool now and loving it. She will be taking the same class for the third time but is learning and getting better each time. Her teacher says she needs to work on her strokes but her confidence level is quite high!
Started tennis lessons during school and started ice skating lessons this winter. Both are sports to her liking and it is fun for Mom to watch.
Very little snow for cross country skiing this winter but Mom did get her out twice in our yard. She skated the 1K Barnebirkie in Hayward, WI again this year. Tradition is not lost on her as she remembered it from last year and wanted it to be just the same. It is such a fun time--one of my favorite days.

Many daily moments that make my heart swell with love, joy, and pride--
Hannah making up a song "I love my Mama. She is so beautiful. She is so nice. She is the best mommy in the whole universe. She is as pretty as me....."
Helping her to learn and learning from her in the process. She asks me why her forearm can't move and as I try to explain how the bones are put together she says "Oh--because that is the way God made me".
Hannah informing me that she needs to get married when she is six or seven but doesn't know who she will marry yet.
Running to me and throwing her arms around my neck every day when I pick her up at daycare.
Using the tone of a teenager and an eyeroll to tell me "Maaaaaahm--I make my own decisions".
Looking up at me out of the blue and asking for a hug.

I just love being this girl's mom. She is the best thing to happen to me. Everyday I look at her and wonder how I am so blessed to have this perfect little person in my life. Every night I pray that I can be a good Mama to her and that I can guide and teach her to be the best she can be.
All I can conclude is that God is so good. There is no other way to explain how this turned out so perfectly.


Lou Ann said...

Hi Mary,

Lovely post! I can't believe it's only been two years!! I know you had those extra bumps along the way to your perfect daughter but I was thinking you had been a family almost as long as Lexie and I. I guess it's because the girls are so close in age. Anyway, congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!!! It's a really special one since the first year everything is still so new and you hardly can take a breath. But I too remember the second year as more relaxed and somehow more familiar too. And it's wonderful that you can have traditions. I always felt that was part of being a family. Lexie and I are coming up on 5 years and it blows my mind!

I hope someday our girls can play together. Until that time I wish blessings on your family!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

Irishdrums said...

Hi Mary,

Yay! A new post! I just love the toothless grin. Hannah is such a sweetie, amazing it's been 2 years already!

Tammy said...

Congratulations on your two year anniversary! I agree that year two was more enjoyable. You are past the transition point, you feel like you actually know this kid you're caring for and you don't feel like everything has to be such a big deal because it is no longer a "first".

Hannah is absolutely the daughter who was meant to be yours. I think back to how hard your journey to her was and now it all makes sense. Enjoy your next year together. You both deserve it!

Kimberly said...

HI Mary - I've missed you :) I was just thinking tonight I would email you to see how you guys are doing....and just like that here is an update - I love it. Happy 2 years as a family - so wonderful!
thanks for sharing all of the wonderful updates. Wish we lived closer - would love to meet in real life and have the girls meet too.

Kelly and Sne said...

What GREAT photos and a great update. She is such a beautiful child (even without her front teeth!). I love how she makes up her own songs. Miras does that too sometimes but usually about something silly.