Sunday, December 16, 2007

Peaceful Feeling

This has been a good weekend in the adoption world for me.
I have been following the adoption blog of the Woods family and their story is so wonderful and inspiring--they are truly a great family. I have done a lot of reading and praying and have communicated with a couple adoption agencies and heard updates and feedback from my agency. Everything confirms what I know and I have a much greater feeling of peace about the process. I started the process feeling like everything was right and I still feel that way. Maybe it will take slightly longer than I first anticipated but I truly believe that I will find my daughter.
Now it is time to focus on Christmas and all that the birth of Jesus brought into our lives.
Have a great holiday season everyone!

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Chris and Kathy said...

Hey Mary-
What is the lastest from CHI. We heard that our dossier made it to MoE on 12/14. A tiny step forward! How about you? - Chris