Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some really great kids

I thought I would add some pictures of my neices and nephews at Christmas since I don't have my own yet.

They are all holding a pink Lion that will be given to my daughter.

This is Kristin (13) and Emily (15)--my sister's kids

Luke (6) and Annika (5)--my other sister's kids

Neil (16) and Kasey (18)--my oldest brother's kids


Matt (9) and Mary (3)--Another brother's kids

this is my youngest brother Dan--he's 28 and was home from the Navy--he has no kids yet.

I also have five other neices and nephews that aren't pictured--two were unable to come--Josh (18) and Brittany (16) and three of them were gone before I thought of taking pictures--Pam (I think she's 23), Joe (17) and Katie (14). I hope I got all their ages right but whether or not I did, they are all pretty terrific kids.


Matthew and Suzanne said...

You have a gorgeous family! They are really handsome! Happy New Year - 2008 will be an amazing, amazing year with many good changes in our lives!

I've put together a bill plan/schedule to prepare for our travels. I hope to add it to my blog library tomorrow. Its an excel document - I need to make sure it uploads on Google with the formatting; it has multiple worksheets... So check my blog later to see if its up. If not I'll email it to you.

James and Melanie said...

Hi Mary!
Thank you visiting our site! By reading your site, it sounds like we are going through the same agancy. Are you going through Children's Hope International? When you have a moment, please let me know how long ago it was you sent in your dossier and how long have they told you it will be until you get your referral? Thanks again and God's Blessings in this new year!

Tammy said...

Hi Mary,

Got your comments and thanks for visiting my blog! What a small world this has become! It looks like you a little farther ahead in the process than I am. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you go through your journey!