Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I just want some one to listen when I explain

A great friend of mine who happened to be off work yesterday went to the courthouse while I was working and got the new copy of my house deed, making sure they had it exactly right. I am so grateful--thanks Nicole.

Unfortunately not everyone is so helpful. I called my Doctor's office yesterday morning--spent 10 minutes on the phone explaining exactly what I needed--offerred to come in and show them but her secretary said "oh no--I have it all" so I foolishly believed her. I called at the end of the day and they hadn't been able to get to them yet. Ugh--deep breathe. This afternoon they finally called that they could be picked up. I got them at 4pm only to find that she had photocopied the old forms and just had my Doctor resign them--what part of "I need new original forms" didn't you understand????? I told her secretary that it all needed to be original with no photocoping of lab results, etc. She kept saying (at least 3 times) well--these are original signatures. When I finally convinced her that Russia would not accept photocopies of my Doctor's forms she said, "Well, we'll do the best we can but I don't think we can get to these this week. We've already taken extra time to do them". I stayed cool but tried to tell her that had she followed my instructions, they wouldn't need to be redone and how important it was that I got them ASAP. Then I promptly emailed my Doctor directly and tried to plead my case for getting the forms redone tomorrow. I may have to go over there and camp out tomorrow. As I titled this post--I just want people to listen to my instructions but instead they do what they think is okay---ughhhhhhhhh.

Thanks for everyone's supportive comments--fellow adoptive moms are the best support out there but please don't say "Hang in there" or "don't give up". Of course I will hang in there and not give up --it is not even an option to do otherwise. This little girl will be coming home to me as soon as I can make it happen--all these obstacles only make me more determined. I am just afraid to make anyone (doctor's office, etc) mad because I still need them to make this all happen.
I expected obstacles in Russia but I guess I thought people here in the USA that I needed things from would be more understanding.

Okay--I read that last line and it sounds like I have only encountered unhelpful people and that is not true at all--I may be a little overdramatic here. There have been many people along the way that have been excited to help and gone out of their way and I am so grateful for them. Unfortunately it is just the others I am dealing with right now and it is frustrating.

Two hours later----I just got an email from my Doctor (at 6:18pm) and she said she filled out new forms and I should be able to pick them up tomorrow. She made sure to do that for me tonight even though she was already working late. My faith has been restored.


John & Jenny Morgan said...

I know exactly how you feel. It's so very frustrating when someone won't listen to directions, can't follow them, or doesn't even care enough to do anything in a timely manner, despite knowing the reasons behind the specifics and the time lines. I'm so sorry for your delays!

Jeff Morris said...

As I've told you before, this all works out in God's timing -- not ours. Put your trust in his plan and this will work out the way it's supposed to!

Be strong!

Nicole Brueck said...

Oh thank goodness, I am glad your doctor was able to do that. It took me several times and trips to the docs office to get it right as well. I am so thankful all worked out with the deed and soon your papers will be on their way over the ocean and you will be one step closer to bringing your little princess home.

Kelly and Sne said...

I know what you mean - they never really seem to 'get it' that you can't send stuff like that overseas to foreign governments who are trying to determine if the docs are legit and if you are fit to be an adoptive parent. Our SW's notary - who does a ton of international adoptions and should know better - gouged out the date from her notary stamp after it expired and just got it approved by the state that way. Well, the 'frame' around the stamp had a large hole in it and it looked like it had been tampered with! Duh, because it had! She couldn't figure out why Kazakhstan wouldn't take it since the State of Kansas thought it was ok. And I had to pay her for her notary services.

I always "blame" the foreign government for being so picky (it's not ME, it's the Kazakhstani government that needs it done EXACTLY like this) which seems to get enough sympathy and usually compliance. Not the expediting is a different story... But it sounds like people are hopping to it so hopefully you'll have the new and improved paperwork very soon.

P.S. I hope you take these stories as empathy and not as "one-upping" you. Just don't want you to feel alone in your paperwork nightmare!

Kimberly said...

Yay for your doctor! I say bring on the tears - most people will do anything to get a woman to stop crying :-) ha!

Mama Andrea said...

The medical paperwork is the absolute worst. I had a nurse in California hold the signed form in front of me, like a dangled carrot, telling me I needed an HIV test with a very righteous look on her face. It was a three week process and I'd put 120 miles on my car for it. Some tears were shed on that one. I had similar experiences with the "proof of employment" letter. Our H.R. department is outsourced and no one feels empowered to think outside of the box. The very first one took 4 tries and I was hysterical at that point. For the most recent one, the lady said, "no, I can't do that," even though she did it the year prior. When I showed her the copy, she said, "oh, I guess I can do that." Then she went on a 6 day vacation before I got it. !!!!! We are definitely perfecting our "furious mother" facial expression, are we not? I got a wild-eyed look to me lately. Heehee. How about you?

lisa said...

Oh Mary, I think we've all had similar experiences on this adoption rollercoaster.... I can't even imagine how it must feel for you seeing the "prize" already, that beautiful little girl in Russia. It's hard enough for us Kaz PAPs doing all of this paperwork for a dream. You already have your dream in sight! She'll be here soon.