Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Russian Court Date Set!!!!!

I got the best call today at work---
My Russian specialist is on vacation for the holidays but one of the other ones called and said--"I have great news, you go to court on Jan. 19th!!"
It is all so exciting--this is the call I have been waiting for. I need to be in Moscow on Jan. 14th for the 8 Doctor medical exam and then it's court in my region on the 19th. The plan now is that I will head back to Moscow on Feb. 3rd and will be able to leave Russia on Feb. 6th.
Now I am back in panic mode--"I have so much to do, how will I get it done" mode.
I overnighted the Visa application right away. The offices close from Jan. 1st to Jan. 10th for the New Year so I needed to get it to them by tomorrow. I didn't have time to call a travel agent before they closed today so that is the first thing on my list tomorrow.
I have waited for this day and in my mind I expected mid-January but it still doesn't seem real to me--I don't feel ready at all with the little details but I am so ready in all the important things.
Hang on Baby--I will be there soon.


Cameron and Kyle said...

Wonderful, wonderful news! So excited for you!!!

John & Jenny Morgan said...

This is great news! I'm so excited for you!

Aaron and Julie said...

Awesome!!! Great news!!! You will be there soon!!!! So excited for you! 2010 will be off to a great start!!

Emily said...

Wonderful to hear this news Mary!! So excited for you!

Kelly and Sne said...

Great news! Merry Christmas indeed!

qmiller said...

Oh Mary...what a wonderful way to start 2010! I'm so happy for you! Q.

Mama Andrea said...

I am just now able to type because after squealing, laughing and clapping like a lunatic at your news, I couldn't see through my tears! You opened the floodgates! This is so fantastic! Happy New Year to you, my dear! ... and welcome again to the adrenaline-rush-before-travel. What a lovely way to begin the year!

Kimberly said...

Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you Mary - what wonderful news!