Monday, November 30, 2009

One step forward, three backwards

I could just cry tonight.

The day started out great. I got my FBI form notarized and overnighted to the Secretary of State with the guarentee it will arrive by noon tomorrow. I practically floated out of the post office thinking--I have just sent my last piece of paperwork off to be apostilled. Maybe I will get my dossier to Russia by the end of this week after all. Everything's great.

Now fast forward to this evening at home--opened my email and there was a note from my agencies dossier specialist. She had reviewed my documents and had some comments.
I made a mistake on my financial documents--added wrong which is something I can easily correct. And..three of my Doctor's forms need to be redone--dates don't all match up. I couldn't believe this one--I had already made my Doctor redo them twice as I was being anal about the directions I had and I thought they were perfect but no--there was something on there they didn't like that I wasn't even told about before. So now I have to go back to the Doctor and hope she can turn these new forms around quickly. She has been so good so far in this process that I am sure she will but gee--how many times does she need to do the same thing?
The are also questioning the copy of my house deed--the seal doesn't show up good enough. So another trip back to the county assessor and see if they "can do it better".

Really I did get teary because I was so careful to follow all directions and I got assertive when people questioned me and made several redo docuements already when I thought they didn't get it just right. Now this will add time--I just can't just leave work without planning it far ahead (for some reason the patients still come so some one needs to be there) and once I get these all redone they have to be reapostilled (adding at least three days since I have to overnight them and hope they do it right away and overnight it back).

This pretty seals my fate that nothing will happen yet this year.

So happy this morning and so sad and mad tonight. Will this rollercoaster ever end?


Kim said...

Yes, it will end! And SOON! These annoying bumps are just that - bumps in the road that have to be done so nothing can hold you up in court. It SUCKS big time and it is totally okay to cry, scream, drink - whatever floats your boat!

During Josh's adoption I had to have David's doctor redo his letter about 5 times. :) Just send her a nice floral arrangement when your daughter is home. :)

Aaron & Julie said...

Aye, Mary. I am so sorry. The roller coaster ride seems to have more twists and turns than we can ever imagine. Keep persevering - she will come home. But I know that doesn't help you today :( HUGS!

Cameron and Kyle said...

Oh Mary, I know how frustrated you are. I am so sorry about all the paperwork. Why didn't they call you to tell you about the forms??? Added a few days there...I would call them on that one. But there must be a reason things are happening this way. Maybe your little girl needs a few more days or weeks to adjust and say her goodbyes and get ready for her new life with you. Hang in there. HUGS!

lisa said...

So sorry Mary! You are soooo close! Please do not give up hope!!!!

Mama Andrea said...

Ugh. If feels like you're swimming upstream but once you put that last little piece of paperwork in the mail, you'll feel like you're back on track again. Then you get to WAIT some more! Scramble, wait, scramble, wait. We're like omelettes by now, for sure!

So when those ladies scold their naughty children stories that start like, "I was in hard labor for 23 hours with you," you will throw your head back and laugh a hearty laugh. May your paperwork and my I-171H sprout wings and fly to their final destinations.

Kelly and Sne said...

Sorry to hear this - there must be something in the air today as I just heard that the consulate stopped accepting dossiers from our agency until at least January. And ours didn't make it through yet. Which means that we'll probably need to update FBI prints, etc. by then which will delay it even more. I HATE having to go back to people 2-3 times to have them re-do nitpicky really insignificant things. We've had to do this with the Dr. as well as our SW on more than one occasion. You feel like you are really testing their goodwill - especially when you always need for them to "expedite it." So I feel some of your pain. Hopefully everythign will come together faster than you thought and you'll be on your way very soon!

Lou Ann said...

I know it all feels like you are spinning your wheels but I swear you won't remember any of this except as a good story of her birth once you get her home. So cry, scream and pound the wall tonight. Then get on the phone tomorrow and just do it! You'll be surprised how quickly you get it done and how understanding people really are.

Hand in there. Your sweet pea is waiting!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

zeunkazkids said...

Think of this as you labor pains. I know it is tough.... I hit every bump in the road during my adoption process as well....but it will all be forgotten when you hold your child in your arms!


Kimberly said...

Oh Mary - I am so sorry - I feel your pain - I finally got my prints back from the FBI clearance with a request that I have the prints re-taken! UGH! I guess they weren't "good enough" whatever that means!
Anyhow, I am paying for you!

qmiller said...

: (
Hang in there!

Anne said...

I know lots of other people have said this but it's so true: The paperchasing will fade to a very faint memory the second your daughter is home. But it sucks in the moment, that's for sure! All good things come with a little pain, I think. Hang tight!

Annie said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!