Saturday, January 30, 2010

Best Day of my far

WOW--where do I begin---my first day as a mother is over and I have a little angel sound asleep in my bed.

The day started out with going to some official office and signing my life away again and then we got the adoption decree and the new birth certificate that states my name as Hannah's mom. that was pretty cool to see.
Then back to the hotel to wait--I was so anxious.
They brought Hannah to me in the hotel lobby at about 11:00--when she walked through the door and saw me, she tried to hold back and she wasn't real keen on coming to me at first but she did stay with me. My friend Janet was there to film it for me but I haven't watched it yet. That initial meeting was the hardest part of our day so I am not sure I want to see it just yet.
I was supposed to take her upstairs to change her clothes and then give them the orphanage clothes back so I rushed off with Hannah in tow only to get to my room and find out that I had left my purse, camera, and room key down in the lobby--I had Hannah in my arms and that was all that mattered. So I had to go back to the lobby and they were ready to leave so they didn't wait for the orphanage clothes--they will pick them up on Monday.
And then we started our day together......
She loved changing into new clothes and especially her new shoes. We played around for a while and she got used to the room--the light switches have been on and off many many times but I have allowed that so I can't complain. In fact, we made a game of it. There were some "time Ins" where I held her on the couch--she purposely did things that she knew she wasn't supposed to and they were dangerous--like playing with the plug ins or climbing in the closet. She hated the time ins and after about three we didn't need any more.
I gave her apple juice which promptly ended up all down the front of her so that got her a shower-which she enjoyed except for the hair washing--and outfit number 2. Then mom washed her clothes in the sink as I don't have enough outfits to go through 2 every day.
For lunch I ordered her Borscht (beet soup) because I thought it would be something that would be familiar to her but she wouldn't touch it so it was just yogurt, oranges, and bread for lunch. I ate most of the Borscht--it is okay but not my favorite.
After lunch I tried a nap-that is her routine but she would have none of that. so on to plan B.
I took her outside to the ice sculptures just for some play time and to get out of the room. Once again she loved getting into her new snowsuit and boots and mittens--she loves mittens. We were out for about a half hour--she would have stayed longer but that is enough in this cold. We just ran around--she loved watching people and she got her first pony ride which she really loved.
Wendi and Trevor came over (from their apt.) with their son Nik to visit and then Janet and Craig came down also--I have the biggest room so we met here. Once other people came, Hannah got very quiet again and hung pretty tight to Mama which of course I was so happy about. She did play with Janet a little but always came back to me.
All 7 of us went to a restaurant for supper. Both kids did really well there. Hannah sat on my lap the whole time. I ordered a baked potato with sour cream for her because I know they eat that alot but again she wouldn't touch it. I had ordered spinach ravioli and she loved that so we shared.
After supper we played in the room some more and had fun again.
Her normal bedtime is 9:00pm so I got out her pajamas at 8:15 and changed her anticipating a long process. I put her pajamas on, put her in bed with no fussing, and read her three books, and then turned the lights out and got into bed with her--that was the only thing that caused fussing and she turned her face away and put her hands over her eyes. But she was too tired to fuss for long--she fell asleep while I was saying our prayers. The whole process was only about 10 minutes. I know every night won't be like this but it was a good first night--I do wish she would have been able to look at me while falling asleep but hopefully that will come also.
Now I just stare at her and can't believe this little miracle that is my daughter and is lying in my bed--How amazing is that?
It has been a long journey and I still can't believe I am here but the little person I hear breathing behind me is living proof.
I am a Mom!!!


Aaron and Julie said...

Congratulations, Mary! We are so over the moon excited for you and 'gotcha/adoption' day sounds as though it went perfectly. Hannah is in your arms - forever!!! You have had a long journey with seemingly unfair twists and turns, but this is why - you are mom to a beautiful girl! Soak her in! Enjoy looking at her while she sleeps (which I can't believe only took 10 minutes ;) and delight in her during the day. Hannah is beautiful. This is a magical time as you get to know each other full time. SO happy for you and thanking God for this day and little girl!!

(ps - we had a lot of light switch playing, too :)

qmiller said...

Mary: She is beautiful..what an amazing day! You will NEVER forget this day... Congratulations to you and Hannah!

JaneMM said...

Hannah is beautiful. You will cherish every day I'm sure, just like the first. God does answer our prayers. I can't wait for more pictures. It truely has been a joy to share your journey.


Kimberly said...

Yippeee!!!!! Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful first day! Love the pictures! Praying for lots of fun and peace!

Gretchen said...

Congratulations Mom! I am so overjoyed for you with tears welling up in my eyes. You are just now embarking on a new journey full of new experiences and so much love.

I had to laugh when you mentioned she wouldn't eat her food but always ate what you ordered. I haven't had my own meal in years now. No matter what they have to eat, they always want what Mama has. Enjoy it!

The eye contact will come with time. You are doing a fantastic job!

Jeff Morris said...

Congratulations Mommy...I'm so dang happy for you and for Hannah. Don't sweat things like light switches at this point -- she's checking out her brand new world!!!

I love following along with your story. It's making me desire to get back to Russia all the more fast. Hopefully our call comes soon!

Alysa said...

Oh, Mary! My heart just swells hearing about your first day as a Mom! Congratulations! It sounds like things went pretty well today. There will be good moments and not so good moments, but it will get better with time. She is yours now forever. So happy for you both!

Cameron and Kyle said...

Congratulations Mommy!!! What a life changing day for the both of you. She is just beautiful.

Rose said...

So happy for you Mary!

Jennifer M said...

Congratulations Mary! Sounds like you had quite the day with your beautiful daughter. So very happy for you!

John & Jenny Morgan said...

It sounds like your first day together was good! Congratulations, Momma!

lisa said...

Yes! How amazing that is!! Hugs and kisses to u both! I am so so happy for you Mary and Miss Hanna !

Lou Ann said...

Congrats Mom & little Miss Hannah too! The first moments are always special and I know it's hard to believe but it will get even better!!! Yes - you'll have some tough moments but at the end of the day when you tuck her in and she says "night Mom" now that's a special one too! And then when she gives you that first spontaneous hug, yup another special moment. So enjoy each one as they come knowing it's all just the beginning! You BOTH deserve it!!!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

Kelly and Sne said...

Congratulations on becoming a Mom officially and in real time! It sounds like a wonderful first day. You'll have a great time getting to know and trust each other - with a few tantrums thrown in, I'm sure (all part of the Mom-initiation - we had our share in Almaty!). Can't wait to hear more about mother and daughter!

Robin said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I am SOOOO excited for you & I can't wait to meet Hannah! It sounds like you both had a fun day together. This is just the beginning :)

Anita said...

Congratulations Mary!! Sounds like a wonderful first day!!

Mama Andrea said...

Congratulations!!! It sounds like a really good first day. With your love, she will transform in front of your very eyes. It will be like watching a flower bloom very slowly, just a little bit each day. Enjoy every second of it!

Kim said...

Oh Mary I am so happy for you!!! Finally!! Hannah is PERFECT! Enjoy your last days together in Russia! Can't wait to see you home!