Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I know my place!

Nothing is as humbling or puts you in place like a child. All of these examples happened in the last week so I am feeling very humbled and on occasion, slightly miffed!

riding home in the car I started singing along with the radio and Hannah says, "Mom, can you just stop singing? I just want to listen to them." "Really Mom, I mean it." When I explained to her that I really liked singing along to the music that was playing she said, "Well, just turn it off then" Ouch!

While walking in the park "I don't care if you are fat Mom, really I don't". Gee, thanks Honey.

We were at a big park with a cool playground that is so fun to run around on--even for adults. I was following Hannah around on it and she stops and says "Can you go off here and just watch me? I don't want you to follow me" which really means--"Go sit by the other parent on the sidelines--you are cramping my style".

I asked Hannah to do something for me and she looked at me, put her hands on her hips, and said "remember Mom, we have a magic word. What is the magic word Mom?" I said "Please" and she replied, "Good job, I will be happy to....".

When leaving for work and school in the morning, Hannah wanted to stop and do something she thought was fun. I told her we needed to go and she could do that when we got home after school. She just hung her head and said, "But you will forget". Yes, honey I usually do.

when she was sitting on my lap snuggling before bed she covered her head with her blanket (as she often does to go to sleep). I said -- you know I don't like it when you cover up your face and she replied "But I don't want to smell your breath"

When I got up from eating our dinner (Hannah was already done and had been dismissed)I walked into the next room. Hannah followed me, "Umm--Mom, did you forget something?" I didn't have any idea what she was talking about until she pointed to the table--I hadn't picked up my dishes and put them in the sink. That is the rule in our house--you put your dishes in the sink when you are done.

Man--I can't get away with anything around this girl!!!

Then one moment like this makes all those others worth it--
Hannah--"Mom--even if I get angry at you or you get angry at me, you still love me and I still love you." I said "Yes that is right, We always love each other" and she replied "That's why we are family together forever!" with a big smile, hug, and even a kiss!


Kimberly said...

Ouch is right :)
But so cool that she is so secure in her relationship with you. Emma's language skills aren't quite that developed yet, but I'm sure I will be right behind you with the comments :)

Tammy said...

Yeah they really are too smart for their own good, aren't they LOL?

Kelly and Sne said...

Out of the mouths of babes... this is a fun age when they must enforce the rules. too bad it doesn't last into the teenage years!