Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Just a quick post to say Happy Mother's Day to first of all my Mother who has raised eight children with love and who has given my the best example of how to be a mom.
Also to all my sisters and friends who have shared their children with me when I needed a child fix and who have been great examples of loving moms.
And last but not least to all my blooger buddy Mom's--those who have their children with them already, are in country, or are waiting for their children. You are such a strong and determined group of women who constantly inspire me and I am honored to include you in the group that helps me know how to be a mom.
For all of us waiting--My wish on this Mother's Day is that things move quickly and smoothly for all us so that we can drop the word "waiting" and just be "Mom's".


lisa said...

I'll drink to that! Hope you had a great day!

the regentins said...

I second that!!

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

I pray for the day that you can drop the waiting too! I will happen!

Karen said...

Right back at you!