Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thinks are looking up

Good news regarding my Dad--his luekemia is in remission and his infection is under control. Now he can just keep improving until he feels good again and hopefully this remission will last. He is now planning his annual June fishing trip to Canada--his very favorite thing to do. Thank you to all of you that sent good wishes his way or said prayers--they all helped and I really appreciated the support.

Also good news on the adoption front. I am a little late in reporting this so maybe you have already heard but my agency has opened in one more region of Kaz--the Karaganda region and have had two families invited to travel there already. Hopefully this will speed things up for all of us waiting. I was pretty discouraged last week from the wait and even started thinking about if there were other options but then good news always comes along at just the right time to keep me going. I also had a couple good chats with fellow blogger friends (both of the Lisa's and Chris) and that was great--no one else really understands like a fellow PAP.

I was invited to be a Board member for "Two Hearts for Hope" and have accepted. I am honored and hope to be able to help provide needed supplies for orphans in Kazakhstan. Please check out this great organization by clicking on the link on the side.


Suzanne said...

Great news about your dad, Mary! And also about your agency. Looks like things are all moving in the right direction in your life. Yee-hah!


Karen said...

So happy to hear that your dad is on the mend. Great news!!!

dnd82001 said...

Glad to hear your dad is doing better.........continued prayers are sent your way.

Our agency only does adoptions out of Karaganda so who knows maybe well be there at the same time!!


lisa said...

Mary, So glad your Dad is in remission...what a relief for your family!! I will continue to send my good wishes and prayers!

You have been so great with all of your positive comments. We are in this to the end...or rather the beginning!!

Aaron & Julie said...

I am so glad to hear that you Dad is in remission. I pray that he regains his strength quickly and am excited to hear that he will be fishing in June :)

Congrats on being on the Two hearts board - I love the organization and the families involved with it ;)

Alysa said...

Wonderful news on your dad! Also congratulations on your Board position for Two Hearts for Hope.

The more regions the better for a speedier process. Hope your's goes smoothly.