Friday, May 23, 2008

Two Hearts for Hope

This past Tuesday evening we had our first Board meeting for "Two Hearts for Hope". We had a conference call as the members live in many different states. The energy and committment of these women inpired me--Helping the children in orphanages in Kazakhstan is clearly their mission. Many good ideas for fund raising and helping the orphans were discussed. This is a great group of mothers that are making a difference.
Check out the website by using the link on this page. We will be having monthly raffles and are starting with something to honor Dad's for Father's Day--a $100 dollar gift card to Bass Pro that will be to the winner by Father's Day.
I am the only Board member that hasn't completed an adoption from Kazakhstan yet. While listening to the others, I also felt a little selfish as I realized they knew so much and would be a tremendous resource for me when it gets to be my time to travel or for any other questions I have. Not only do I get to help make a difference but I get personal benefit also(friendship and knowledge)--can it be any better than that?
I have no news on the adoption front. I am really enjoying reading the blogs of the families that are currently in Kaz and bonding with thier children, inbetween trips, or home with their new family. I have to keep reading those to remember that it will happen.
I have a neice graduating from High School as well as several children of friends so the next couple weekends will be full of graduation parties and events. I love to see the kids at this stage--they are so happy, excited, and unstoppable while at the same time a little nervous of the unknown. The whole world is out there before them--it is exciting for me to think about.
My youngest brother is in the Navy in Norfolk, VA and will not be there much longer so I have decided to go ahead and make plans to visit him during my vacation in July. I see no signs of an LOI by then so I'll go have some fun on the beach instead.


Kelly and Sne said...

Good for you! I know that you can't do enough for these places and the children. And I look forward to helping more when we get home and settled.

lisa said...

You are doing good things!

Catalina said...

Congratulations of becoming a member of Two Hearts for Hope. Your help will be so much rewarding. I hope you will give us good news soon :)

Rose said...


How funny that we got the same bedding. The funny thing is that I looked at all of these expensive places (Babies R Us, Pottery Barn Kids) and didn't like anything. Not only did I love the set I got from JC Penny, but it was all 50% off!!
How long did you expect to wait after your dossier got to Kaz. What age girl did you request? Have you been assigned to an area yet?
Gonna go and read your blog now!!


Rose said...


I'm a pediatric optometrist. When I was living and working in NY, we were not allowed to prescribe oral medications. NJ passed a law last year allowing optometrists to do so. I just moved to NJ last year, so I just got around to taking the course. It's 24 hours of lecture, plus 8 hours of CPR (which I think I'm going to have to take even though I'm ALREADY CPR certified!!)

The cabinets came out ok, but I had to use latex paint and it's been so humid that they're sticking a little bit. I'm going to replace them eventually, but this adoption is eating up any extra money I might have had!! I'd rather have a daughter than new cabinets any day!!