Friday, May 9, 2008

Ups and Downs of International Adoption

This world of International Adoption is so strange with all its ups and downs and different emotions that accompany them all.
This week Kelly and Sne got thier LOI and have to travel very quickly. What great news-they have been anxiously waiting for a while. Suzanne and Matt have brought their children back to the apt to live with them as a family in Kaz while they wait out the process.
Also this week there have been two other families that have hit some big snags in the process while in Kaz and have been disappointed. The stories are their's so I won't share any names or details here.
I don't personally know any of these people but I know them well through the blog world and it amazes me how much their triumphs and disappoints affect me. I am excited and giddy with joy whenever I hear good news and I am heartbroken when I hear about disappointments along the way. I am constantly thinking of the families that have completed adoptions and I am constantly rooting for those waiting. The most amazing part is I know there are lots of others out there rooting for me also and I can feel the support. This is a great community to belong to!!!

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Suzanne said...

Count me among your cheering section!