Friday, September 5, 2008

All about Mom and Dad

No adoption news yet.
Just wanted to talk about the 50th Wedding Anniversary party--It was a huge success.
My parents were so happy that day and everything turned out beautifully.
The weather was great, the food was good, my sister made this awesome video of our family that started when my parents were babies.
We had about 200 quests and all had a good time.
All in all I would say we threw a smashingly successful bash.

The smaller after-party party at my Brother's house was equally as fun. It was just immediate family and a few very close friends--very casual and enjoyable. This is where the beer came out and the bonfire was built--fireworks even went off.

The next morning we all went to church and sat together in the front--taking up seven pews!! The Priest did a very nice special blessing of my parents and included them in his homily. It was pretty cool.

After church we all piled into about 5 cars and went to the photographer where we had a complete family picture--all 30 of us were there. Our last professional family picture was 27 years ago so we were due.

It is times like this that make me realize what a great family I have.
Okay--one mention of adoption--I can't wait to bring a child into this family!

Me with my parents

My niece Emily wearing Mom's wedding dress

My niece Kristin wearing Mom's "going away" dress

Emily in the bridesmaids dress my aunt wore and Kristin in Mom's wedding dress

A couple days after the party, my Dad came back to Rochester and ended up in the hospital again. This time with pneumonia and an infection in his blood. Maybe the party wore him out but he wouldn't have changed it or missed it for the world.

He is still in the hospital here and slowly improving. He will need to remain on IV therapy for about three more weeks so we are looking at getting him transferred closer to home for that. I hope this long term therapy finally clears his infections and gives him the boost he needs to start getting well.


Alysa said...

The bash for your parent's 50th sounds wonderful! As does the family "reunion" that resulted. Congratulations on pulling it all together -- I know it takes a lot of work, even when done out of love.

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad being back in the hospital. I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers that this round will help him recover more fully.

Julian and Sara Yeomans said...

What a nice post! Congrats to your mom and dad!

Aaron & Julie said...

What a beautiful event. I am so glad your parents are celebrating their 50th and I continue to keep your dad's health in prayer!

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

Wow - 50 years! How very special. Sounds like a great weekend and I am glad your dad was able to enjoy it. Praying for his health and your adoption.

Harmondk2 said...

....isn't it a wonderful feeling to think you are doing what you can to bring your wonderful child home and to your family. Great photos!!

Matthew and Suzanne said...

Happy anniversary to your parents! Its nice to see a photo of you too - and I can't believe those dresses are still wearable!

Hope your dad feels better...

lisa said...

What beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing.....a child will be so lucky to be in your family!