Saturday, October 17, 2009

Am I doing okay?

It is so weird to be preparing to go to Russia to meet my child--my daughter. Everyone asks me if I am walking on air and the answer is "yes" of course. I start smiling anytime I talk about it but yet...
I feel like I am spinning in my tracks. I am getting so much done but yet have so much left to do. I am making lists like crazy and I am not a list person. Sometimes I think that I am too calm like I am missing something because it's too easy and other times I think I am scared out of my mind but mostly I am pretty calm about it. I look at her picture every night in bed and dream of when she will be beside me in person. I can't think of anything better.
At work I try to go through the day just like always--there is so much to do each day that I don't have time to think about much else but yet my daughter is always in the back of my mind. I have a new appreciation for the mother's that want to call their kids 2-3 times a day to check on them.
When I get out of work, there are two hours left before businesses close so I have been running errands every day after work.
So far this has been my week:
Monday--get a money order and get my passport fed-exed for the VISA, Transfer funds at bank so money is available to me, call the travel clinic and get my prescriptions for travel, inform them at work about needing the days off.
Tuesday--finalize the airline tickets, call my bank and credit card to let them know I will be out of the country and not to cancel me, go to Russian Language class
Wednesday--pick up new money from bank, reviewed dossier part 2 requirements with agency, got forms ready for psychologist and MD, started search for daycare
Thursday--made appt with psychologist and MD for first week after I get back, send forms to their secretaries so they would have them early, scheduled fingerprints for FBI check, ordered international phone from, shopped for new winter coat
Friday--visited HR at work for proof of employment and insurance forms, got copies of birth certificate and deed of house, got letter from county assessor
Saturday--made another list (for packing), cleaned house, practice packing light.
Hopefully I am remembering everything.
I don't know how to feel --This is the best thing to ever happen to me and I am so happy it's unreal. It also feels like the scariest thing. It also feels peaceful, like this is where I am supposed to be--this is my life. And I almost to mention--I find myself thanking God very often these days.


Kelly and Sne said...

Yes, this pretty much lasts until you get on the plane. Then whatever is not done is not done. And it will be pure anticipation! Enjoy!

Cameron and Kyle said...

Mary - All parents feel this way...adoptive or biological...being a parent is scary and exciting at the same time. Your life will never be the same and that is the beauty of it.

Irishdrums said...

Mary -- You are doing great! I wish we could come over and help you with all these little but important tasks as you prepare for your big trip. You and your little one are in our thoughts and prayers every day.

Leise Family said...

Hi Mary, thanks for the update on how you're doing. I'm so excited for you!

Kimberly said...

What an incredibly full week! You go girl!
I am actually in the midst of preparing my dossier docs once again - the third time! Argh! Hoping they won't expire again before I can get my girl home!

qmiller said...

Mary: Sounds as if you'll be as ready as anyone can be, by the time you get on that airplane! Keep breathing!!!

Aaron & Julie said...

sounds about right :) You are doing awesome in all avenues - it is truly a happy & exciting time, thanks to God!!

Harmondk2 said...

...I love following your journey.. This is so exciting...The picture of her must mean so much to you right now.. I can't wait to meet her, even if it's virtual for now.

Floating on air or over moon are words I used often...the awesome thing is...although you may land...from the point she's in your arms.. you feel as if you are dancing through life..

You are doing great!!!

lisa said...

Mary, yes you are doing great! You have waited so long for this. Enjoy every moment of antisipation and this love you have for this little girl that you know in your heart. It's so exciting!

Susan said...

I did have your blog saved as a favorite. :)

I am so excited for's scary and exciting but you will be a great momma.
Girls are super fun. :)

Alysa said...

Wow -- busy, busy week! Sounds like you are doing great. Just tackle the most important stuff -- those things that HAVE to be done before you leave. And I know this sounds ridiculous, given all the excitement and stress of getting ready to travel to your child, but try not to wear yourself out. The most important thing you can take to Russia is you and you need to be as rested (and healthy) as you can be. Can't wait for you to meet your daughter!!!!

Harmondk2 said...

.....two more days!!!!!!!! So so incredible....our "ah-ha" moment was when we were on the plane. I just kept thinking to myself..... "we are actually THAT family"... The ones we all read about on other's blogs. Well, you are now THAT family. I think of you every day and keep checking for updates. However..... don't worry about all of us, (getting to our blog was always on our minds when we were in CA)..... Just update when you can :) You & your daughter (beautiful words :) have so many heart felt prayers following you both through this journey.


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