Friday, October 30, 2009

She is perfect!!!

My trip to Russia has been even better than expected. This has been my first chance to get to a computer so I will try to hit the highlights. To end the suspense I will just start by saying that I have met my daughter and she is perfect. My heart is full.
The travel went very well. I was quite nervous to go this alone but everything went like clock work. All my flights were on time and when I arrived in Moscow I breezed through passport control and customs to find my agency rep waiting for me with a sign. She got me to the other terminal and checked in for my in country flight to Krasnoyarsk. There is a couple here with my agency also and they are adopting from the same orphanage so we have been together almost all the time.
Our first stop was at the Minister of Education where we received our official referrals. It went quite smooth—the couple was asked more questions about why they were adopting than I was. We both found out our orphanage was in Sosnovaborsk—about an hour from Krasnoyarsk.
From there we went straight to the orphanage and there was my little girl sitting waiting in the room when we entered. I,of course, wanted to run right to her and pick her up but she didn’t seem to interested in any of us so I just admired her from afar. It was a little akward at first as we all got our coats off and figured out what we should be doing. The caretaker held her up to give me a hug and she did kind of half-heartedly and then went back to playing and not looking up. I got out the toys I brought and started parrellel playing until she was interested. When I brought out the Disney princesses, we started interacting and then when I got out snacks, she really was happy. By the end of the visit I got some physical contact and lots of smiles—no laughing yet but many smiles. All in all it was a great visit and my heart was captured. She is just so sweet.
On the second day she did come to me but still rather shyly. We got playing much quicker and colored together, read books, played. I got quite a few hugs and at one point when I was sitting on the little bench, she came and slided right into my side and snuggled for a second—boy did that feel good. I also got some great laughs today—playing with balloons and throwing her around. She is a very well behaved child from what I see—she plays with one toy at a time an d puts it right back on the shelf in the same spot before taking another one. At this visit we had to see the orphanage director again and I signed the paper to say YES to adopting her. I had to state her name which still remains private until court is over after the second visit. She blew me a kiss when she said good-bye.
The third visit was great—we had a full two hours together. She came running right to me this time and gave me a big hug. Every once in a while during the visit, she would look at me, hold out her arms and give me a crushing hug that just for a second and then she went back to playing. I loved them. She loves drawing and coloring so we did that quite a while during this visit. When it was time to leave I could hardly stand it—she still goes right to her caregivers and waves good –bye without getting sad but it was hard for me this time because I won’t see her now for a while. It was hard not to shed tears when she was there but I just hugged her tight, told her I loved her, and asked for a kiss—she gave me one with a smile and then ran off with her caregiver. I have to say it took me a moment to compose myself.
Each day the visits take up about 5 hours of our day so we have had some free time and have done some exploring in the area around our hotel. We found a good grocery store and a couple good souviner stores, a great book store, and some good restaurants so it has been fun. The weather here reminds me of January in Minnesota. It has been between 0 and 20 degrees and the ground is covered with snow. Every morning everything is frosty and the trees look so pretty. Fortunately it hasn’t felt too bad for walking around and exploring but I am very glad that I brought my boots.
We leave tomorrow morning so tonight it’s the German restaurant and then home to pack. Before leaving we fill out the forms to petition the courts for the adoption. Our agency rep thinks we will be back before the end of the year—Sounds too good to be true so I hope she’s right.
I can’t say that I exactly feel like a mom yet but I do know that I love that little girl. I knew that venturing out on this trip by myself would be scary but worth it—I just didn’t really realize how worth it. I am so glad I didn’t let fear stop me—look what I have gained!!


Susan said...

ooh heart is full!! I have been thinking about you so much and hoping you'd get to a computer!! I am SO so happy for you.
Your daughter sounds so precious and sweet and I am amazed at how much she's opening up to you already with such limited time together.

I can't wait to find out more about her and see her lil face!

God bless you and her..I am so happy that after all this agonizing, you have found your angel.


Kim said...

Yay!!!!! I have been thinking about you all week! I am so so so happy things are going well for you and your new little one! I know leaving is the hardest part. It absolutely stinks, but as many people told me, one more step closer. I will pray very very hard that you are back by the end of the year! I have learned that the people in country know A LOT more than the agency here! :)


qmiller said...

Oh my....tears...I am sooooo happy for you both! Safe travels home!

Brad and Stacy said...

Mary, My eyes are filled with tears for you. You are going to be a fabulous mommy! We love you and are supporting you every step of the way! Can't wait to hear more!!
Love, Stacy

Thad and Ann said...

I am so happy for you Mary! She sounds sweet & I agree those short crushing hugs melt a Mom's heart. :)
Safe journey home & I hope things click along so you will be togther as a family SOON!

Misty Clark said...

What a wonderful post! We've been thinking about you this past week and hoping all is going well. So thrilled your daughter is such a sweetie pie and gives you hugs. It's worth the wait, isn't it? Can't wait to hear more!

Cameron and Kyle said...

Amazing! Your post brought tears to my eyes. I pray you are able to bring her home before Christmas.

Shawna said...

Wow, Mary! This is just amazing! I am so happy for you and am so glad your visit went so well. Safe travels home! Hope to see you soon!

Jennifer M said...

Oh I am so happy for you Mary! My heart is full just listening to you. She sounds so wonderful and perfect, and I hope time FLIES by for you!

Gretchen said...

How wonderful!! I am so happy for you and I hope that things move very quickly and you are together with your little girl before you know it. Doing two trips and leaving her behind must be excruciatingly hard. I cannot imagine.

It sounds like you are enjoying your trip, from your description the place sounds magical.

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face." Eleanor Roosevelt

Emily said...

Oh, so amazing. Makes me cry. I'm SOOO happy for you Mary!! I forgot to check your blog since I talked to you so I didn't actually know you were there - how awesome!! Hope your trip home goes smoothly and that you get to go back soon, soon soon!

Alysa said...

I am SO HAPPY for you! Sounds like your little girl is perfect and was just waiting for you to bring the smiles to her sweet little face! I can't wait to hear more and see those first pictures of the two of you together! Congratulations!

Kelly and Sne said...

Wonderful news that you have found your daughter! And that she has warmed up to you so quickly. I can see why - you'll make a wonderful Mom. Congratulations!

Rose said...

Mary, I am SO happy for you!

Dawn Paxton said...

Hurray Sister Mary! I'm so happy for you and my heart is full also. I can't wait to meet her and hope everything goes as smoothly the 2nd time around there.

Another McNab-ski! ;) Yea!!

Sister Dawn

Nicole Brueck said...

Just the best news EVER!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it soon!!

mcnelson said...

So VERY cool!! Can't wait to hear all about your trip.
She sounds like a very precious little girl and you are lucky to have each other!!!
I agree with Dawn - another McNab can only be a good thing!!!
See you Sunday at the airport!!!


JaneMM said...

Your news is so wonderful. My thoughts have been with you all week. I can't wait to read more and to see pictures. God Bless you as you travel home and my prayers go with you.

Irishdrums said...

Oh Mary! We're so excited for you! I loved sharing in your joy as Dan and I read your latest two blogs. I was so happy to read how your little one has opened up to you with hugs and smiles, laughter and a kiss goodbye! I cried when I read that part about you saying goodbye to her. I can imagine how hard it was to say goodbye to the little one who will be your family now -- and ours too! I'm so happy your dream is coming true! Our thoughts and prayers are with you both as you make your trip back to MN. Love ya Mary and little one!

Aaron & Julie said...

I am filled with so much joy for you - and your daughter!!! Congratulations!!

Michelle and Jeff said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I haven't read any blogs in awhile otherwise I would have said so sooner! I am glad to read that everything went well. I hope that it finalizes before the end of the year. You have come a long way and it definitely seems like it was worth the time and effort!
Still praying,

Karen said...

Oh Mary, your little one sounds so sweet and loving. I love, love, love happy endings—you were so patient and, in the end, you were rewarded with the most perfect little girl. Life is good. I'm SO happy for you!!!

Congratulations mama—you so deserve this!!!!!!!

Lou Ann said...

Mary, I'm so thrilled for you and your baby girl. If after 3 visits she was hugging and loving on you just imagine what your days will be like once you get her home!!

Your bravery paid off 10 fold! Safe travels home so now you can REALLY shop for your sweet angel. And believe me there's no better way to fill the time then shopping for a girl:)

Now if the rest of the year would just fly by.

Lou Ann & Lexie too

zeunkazkids said...

So so happy for you Mary!

Harmondk2 said...

Tears...tears...and more tears...Mary your story is beautiful. I know the happiness you are feeling and it is beyond words. Thank you so much for the is wonderful that all is going as you planned. Sounds like your little angel fits perfectly in your heart. All I can think is - Thank god..that things happen for a reason. She will soon be home. Travel safety - we all can't wait to read more updates.

Love -Harmon Family

Kimberly said...

Mary - I am so thrilled for you! and yes you are so right - it is so worth facing the fears of traveling so very far from home - i felt the same way when I went to Kyrgyz to meet my girl for the first time! Yippee!!! This is wonderful news and I hope and pray that your coordinator is right and you will be returning before the end of the year!

Mama Andrea said...

So exciting to read your post! What an amazing time this is! And the potential for your next trip so soon..... I just cannot wait for the updates. It must be so nice being on this side of the meeting and reflecting back on your experience, rather than having just a mental picture to go on. Savor it! Your next trip is right around the corner!

Jeff Morris said...


God is good! I'm so happy and honored to have been able to walk along this interesting journey with you. I can't wait for the rest.

lisa said...

Mary, Mary.....I am in tears now for you but this time good tears. I seriously was doubting for the both of, Mary, have given me sooo much hope! You must be a child at heart because it sounds like you did everything right to get this little girl to take you into her heart. Wow! Words can not express the joy I feel for you! Lisa

Harmondk2 said...

How are you?? Our adoption process was different then yours so understanding what it feels like to be back is something we may not know. However please know so many many hearts are guiding you through this journey.
Isn't amazing to think how far you have traveled to meet your daughter...and I'm sure you would travel the world ten times over to see her sooner. I can't wait to "meet" her!
Harmon family!

The Regentin's said...

Mary I am so happy for you. I just saw that you got to a computer and posted...I can hardly wait to hear more about your little girl. I am sure that she is precious, and what a lucky little girl to have you as her mom! Safe travels home!

John & Jenny Morgan said...

I am so happy for you! It's been a long journey, but it was well worth it. I'm so glad you've finally met your daughter and will be even happier when you're forever united. Congratulations!