Monday, October 12, 2009

checking things off my list

I had a great weekend away with friends and had a little time to absorb all this good news--it still seems unreal.
We were in Northern Wisconsin and got quite a bit of snow. I think the weather is just preparing me for what I will find in Siberia.
You would think that after 2 years of waiting I would be ready to just pick up my suitcase and leave but not so. I should have been more prepared. Now I have a big checklist of things to do.
Today I got the money order and sent the VISA application overnight by Fed-Ex, got my money transferred, called the travel clinic and got prescriptions for a broad spectum antibiotic, something for sleep, and something for motion sickness--just in case, and got plans made for time off work. Feels good to have that done.
Still working on finalizing my airline tickets. So far 4 flights each way--it seems quite gruelling but anything is worth it just so I am there on time.
I got a new list for tomorrow--will just work on it one day at a time and before I know it, my travel day will be here.
One quick question for all you experienced AP's out there---
I don't own a laptop so do you have any good ideas for communication back to home?


Aaron & Julie said...

I would look for internet cafes for email (um, and blog updates). For phone, my mom had bought a card from to call us in Kaz. There are a few different options & I am sure she used the cheapest one. The connection was okay, nothing great, but it worked. I think the rates were cheaper if calling from the states vs from Kaz.
Your to do list will get done. Remember that God is in the details. Enjoy this exciting time as you prepare to fly. 4 flights - oh my!

Alysa said...

I agree -- use internet cafes for email, but don't use them for any financial transactions, like paying bills online. I wouldn't trust a public computer in Russia (or anywhere) for that.

I would also strongly suggest getting a GSM phone that you can use to call home. OneSimCard sells and rents them for use nearly everywhere. I bought one for Kaz and it worked great.

You're doing it right -- just tackle one day at a time and work through the list. I don't think it matters how much time you have to prepare, there are still a 101 things to do when you get "the call."