Sunday, November 8, 2009

All about my little girl

I have been asked so many questions and I really want to tell everything I know about my little girl because I am so excited about her but there are many things that need to remain private for now.
Unfortunately the most asked questions are things I can not answer yet:
--what is her name?
--Can we see pictures?
--What do you know about her family and background?

However there are many things that I can share so I will be the proud mother and tell you what I can share about her.
--She eats everything and likes everything (so they say)
--She likes personal attention and enjoys her classes, especially Montessori classes
--she is comforted by hugs and kind words
--she is selective in her bonding and has one favorite caregiver but does respect and like all the people that care for her.
--She likes to take care of the younger children and helps the caregivers. She imitates the teachers.
--She was very quiet and did not speak to me much but was full of smiles and laughter by the end of our time together.
--She gives the best hugs and has the brightest smile.
--She is a very neat girl--she always put everything back in the same spot when she was done playing with it and wanted her clothes fixed if they got off kilter.
--She has a short attention span and is very busy--we went from one thing to another throughout all the visits.
--she loves helium balloons
--she loves to run, ride bike, and jump.
--coloring held her attention the longest--her pictures are just scribbles so far.

And then about me:
--I am crazy about this little girl, think about her all the time, feel tremendous responsibility to do what is right for her, and can't wait to have her home.


Mama Andrea said...

It is just so wonderful and exciting and still quite intense, this stage of the process. Many exciting days ahead!
Andrea M.

Aaron & Julie said...

I can't wait for you to have her home, either!! She sounds very sweet!

Lou Ann said...

Yep, you're a mom all right!The I'm responsible for this little person kicks in as soon as your heart knows this is your child. Just wait until the guilt starts kicking it:)

Lou Ann
Mom to my Kazakh Princess Lexie

Misty Clark said...

What a great post! She sounds like a sweet little girl. Perfect daughter! Can't wait for you to bring her home!

Cameron and Kyle said...

How wonderful. I hope she is home with you in no time. Thanks for sharing more about her.

lisa said...

You are already the best Mama! I can't wait to know more about your little one!

Kelly and Sne said...

She sounds wonderful! Can't wait until you two are reunited!

Alysa said...

Ah, she sounds just perfect! Hoping she'll be home with you in no time!

Irishdrums said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful info. on your little one. You are such a good mom already -- knowing so many of the ins and outs of your child. I can't wait to color with her!