Sunday, November 15, 2009

Remembering Dad

Today is one year from the day my Dad passed away. I spent the weekend with my mom and some other family members remembering him.
Last year all the crops were out of the field at least two weeks before he died--in fact my Dad got in the combine (with some help) and combined the last round of corn. It was a really good day for him then. This year very little corn is out of the fields and it is still very wet but the guys are working long days and the corn dryers keep running. Amazing how much difference a year makes.
How I would have loved for him to be around to meet my little girl. It won't be the same but with pictures and stories she will definitely know her Granddad! He left a great legacy of family behind and we will strive to continue that.
Love you and Miss you Dad!!


qmiller said...

Hugs to you on this difficult day.

Aaron & Julie said...

Hugs!! I can only imagine how hard this anniversary is. It is evident how much your dad is loved and without a doubt that will be imparted to your daughter.

lisa said...

Hi Mary, I know that your Dad will be with you every step of the way. You know he will!

Wishing you sweet memories of your Dad.


Baby Kaz Moore said...

Your post brought back poignant memories for me. I can relate to your feelings. It's very hard on some days. Take care, Susan

Kelly and Sne said...

Just think - he was able to combine one last time! Working for an ag equipment company, I can understand how that would be important for your Dad. While it is hard that he isn't here to meet his Granddaughter and for her to know him, you just know that he is looking down on you from above and I'm sure that you will keep his memory alive for your daughter. Hugs!