Friday, January 29, 2010


There are three of us here on our second trip that have completed court and none of us got to visit our children on Thursday or Friday of this week so we stuck together. Both days started out leisurely and I got some reading done.

Thursday we met up for lunch at our favorite--Mama Roma's and had a great time. I found the book store I remembered from the first trip and got two books about wildlife in Siberia that has Russian and English explanations. Luke and Annika (my nephew and niece) are going to love looking at those and it will be a good thing for Hannah.
Then we headed over to Wendi and Trevor's apartment and watched movies in English. We took drinks and snacks and just sacked out there for the whole rest of the day. It was relaxing, comfortable, and fun. The walk home at night was a little cold but we are enjoying the fresh air.

On Friday morning I switched rooms in the hotel to a bigger one with a living area --to prepare for having Hannah with me. My small room just wouldn't do the trick--she needs room to play. It is really nice and I still have a view of the river.
Then Janet and I went out and purchased ballet tickets for tonight--that is right-- the Russian ballet in a Russian theatre.

We met another new couple today and they, like everyone else, are extremely nice. Unfortunately we just ran into them and they are leaving tomorrow. We all had dinner together at Bankok--great asian food. The company was really good and as usual the talk usually ends up centering around the children.--we all feel so blessed.

Janet, Craig, and I ended up being the only ones going to the ballet. The show playing was Anyota. I have never heard of it but it was simply magical. the music, dancing, and stage settings were all fabulous--a most enjoyable evening.
I am so glad that I got the experience and I can tell Hannah I went to a Russian ballet while I was waiting for her to come home!
Got home around 10:00 pm and now need to get to bed and rest up--the real fun begins tomorrow. Hope I can sleep.


qmiller said...

Mary: I love the way that you're embracing every part of this magical journey! Good luck with Hannah and enjoy!

Charlie said...

It sounds like the ballet was wonderful! I'm so excited for you to have Hannah with you full time!

Anita said...

Ok, that was me - Anita, and not Charlie. I was doing some expirementing with his travel blog and didn't realize his name would pop up here. I hit "go" before I caught it. Ha!

Nicole Brueck said...

SOO excited that the days if finally here. Many blessings for you.....