Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let me Introduce you to...............

Born 4-8-2006
Adopted 1-19-2010

Other than me being very nervous the whole way through, the day went perfectly.
It started before court even when my coordinator told me that my hair style looked beautiful and she really liked it--maybe she was just trying to make me feel better but it worked.
We got to court at 10:15 for my 11:00 appt so we had to wait--then the couple that had the appt before me took a very long time so we had to wait some more--didn't get called in until 12:00.
In court the judge asked me many questions about myself, my finances, my home, my family, my plans for parenting this girl, and my interactions with her during our visits. I answered all her questions and it went well. Then the prosecuter got to ask me questions and that went well also.
The judge then asked the head of the orphanage to speak and she spoke very well of me and my visits with Raisa--she could tell that I was a nice person and had good feelings towards the girl and she said that even though we couldn't speak the same language we seemed to understand each other--she said she didn't know how but it was obvious that we understood and cared for each other. She said that Raisa had made a good connection with me and that while I was gone, she would keep asking when her Mama was coming and that she asked Santa to bring me back sooner--I could have cried.
The social worker from Russia also had to speak and tell about her observations of our visits and she gave glowing reports of me also. She also reported that all my paperwork was done perfectly! (I have to do some bragging)
The judge asked all of us to step out while she deliberated--we were barely out of the room for a minute when she called us back in and said that I was now the girl's mother and her name would be changed to Hannah Raisa McNab and I would be listed as the mother on her new birth certificate. It was all I could do not to faint.
The she dismissed us and I walked out and had to sit down in the first chair I could find--I couldn't hardly talk to anyone but they started hugging me and I started crying--it is just so hard to describe the emotion of it all but I don't think I have ever felt happier or more relieved.
The coordinator then went on to tell me that I responded very nicely in court and the proceedings went very quickly because I had very good answers for everything the judge asked. She also said that the judge was very impressed with my demeaner and my feelings and that it was very easy for her to know that I would be a good mother to Hannah. (more bragging).
The Director of the orphanage invited me to come back and adopt a brother for Hannah--if only I could afford it.
When we walked back out through the lobby I must have been smiling like a canary because people that I didn't even know started saying congratulations to me and one woman came up and hugged me--I had never seen her before but I hugged back anyway.
It was just so surreal. I was still walking on clouds when we got back to the hotel and had to talk to some one so I found the couple I knew and we celebrated together--they were the couple that went before me in court and they were granted their son today.--it was a happy day all around.

We went to a restaurant called Bangkok and I had chicken with orange sauce served with rice and then lime cheesecake for dessert--we all agreed that it was the best atmosphere and food we have had the whole time in Russia--maybe it was our state of mind but it was great.

Now it is 10 days before I can have Hannah with me. I get to visit 5 times during those 10 days so it is about every other day. The other couple is going to be here that whole time also so I have some one to hang out with.

Oh--just an update on the weather.--the weather button on the right is not accurate (I don't know why but it was no where near 32 degrees today--maybe they forgot the minus sign) It was -24 actual temp today and very very windy with blowing snow--but even that seemed beautiful today.

Isn't she lovely??


qmiller said...

Oh Mary...she is beautiful! I have tears as I read your wonderful post of your day and the joy in your heart. What an amazing thing just happened 1/2 way around the world. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together!
Quaintance (and Madina)

Kim said...

MARY!!!!! I am crying tears of joy for you right now! WOW! Hannah is BEAUTIFUL!!!! The journey you have been on is amazing and inspiring! I am so happy you are together forever! Fantastic!

Kim said...

PS - love the picture with the bow bigger than her head, ohhh Russia! ;)

YOU ARE A MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thad and Ann said...

She is gorgeous!! I am so happy for you both! I love the bow picture. ;)

Alysa said...

Hannah is beautiful! Congratulations Mary! Your journey to your daughter hasn't been easy, but now she is yours and in a few short days, will be with you forever. So very worth the wait.

I'm chuckling at your "bragging" footnotes. NOT HARDLY! You want to be a mom and you love your little girl -- it shows in all the pictures -- and was obvious to all those people that were part of your process (and even those strangers that saw you after court). That's not bragging -- that is just fact. I only know you through cyberspace, but can tell that you are going to be (already are) a terrific mom who cherishes her daughter.

I am so incredibly happy for you both!

John & Jenny Morgan said...

She's so beautiful! Congratulations to you both!

Karen said...

She's beautiful Mary—what a little cutie patootie. I'm SO happy for you. Your dream has finally come true–you're a mother. Your happiness shines through in the photos. Congratulations!!!!!!

Anita said...

Congratulations!! She's a beautiful little girl!!

Gretchen said...

Momma Mary!!!! Congratulations! I am so insanely happy for you! She is absolutely GORGEOUS! You two look like a match made in heaven. You have such a sweet story.

Cameron and Kyle said...

Mary, we are so very happy for you and Hannah. She is so beautiful. You needed a tissue warning at the top of your post. Congratulations!!!

Aaron and Julie said...

Tears, Tears!! Congraulations, Mary. Hannah's words brought tears! So happy for you & a fabulous day in court. Hannah is absolutely stunning. It made me smile this morning to see photos of her - and her beaming mama!! Only a few days and she will be in your arms forever. Hugs!!

Rose said...

Oh Mary, she is gorgeous!! How wonderful for you to hear that she asked Santa to bring her mom back. Now she'll just get to ask for toys!! I am so happy for you!

Kris & Dustin Luhman said...

Congrats Mary and Hannah - we are so very happy for you and wish you safe travels home.

Susan said...

MARY MARY MARY!! Hannah is GORGEOUS! what a sweet sweet girl. YOU ARE GLOWING!! I AM SO BEYOND HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! You are gonna have so much fun with your girl....you waited long enough.

oooh i'm so happy. big smiles.

Kelly and Sne said...

Mary - Hannah is JUST BEAUTIFUL. What a lovely little girl - you are both so lucky to have found each other. I wish I could give you a great big hug of congratulations too! (If anything to keep you warm!)

Misty Clark said...

Mary, she's beautiful! I'm am reading this post through tears. I can't begin to tell you how happy we are for you and your daughter. You two were meant for each other. Congratulations! Again, she's absolutely beautiful!

Aaron and Julie said...

I had to come back and look at your fabulous photos again. They bring smiles - you both are absolutely beaming!! And tears - for I know the road you have traveled definitely wasn't straight. SO happy for you!

Jennifer M said...

She is incredibly lovely! Congratulations!!

Robin said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That is such an awesome post ... she asked Santa to bring you back ... I teared up!! I am SO happy for you & can't wait to meet her!! CONGRATULATIONS my friend she is almost home!!

mcnelson said...

I am so HAPPY for you!!!
There is nothing better than being a MOM and I can't beleive everything you have gone through to come to this - but YOU MADE IT - YOU ARE NOW A MOM!!! :)
I have thought about you almost every second since I left you at the ariport and am so thrilled everything went PERFECT!!!
Lots of love and prayers have been sent to Russia for you and Hannah!!!
Can't wait to welcome you and your newest little McNab back to MN!!

Lou Ann said...

Congratulations MOM!!You both are just beautiful!And can I just say that Hannah looks Kazakh - not that I'm prejudice or anything. Whatever her nationality is, she's a stunner! I'm so glad things went well in court and that Hannah got what she asked Santa for - YOU! How sweet was that?

I hope you enjoy the rest of your visits because after that it's full time love!

Congratulations to the McNab girls!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

Jeff Morris said...

Congrats Mary!! She's adorable and you look awesome!


zeunkazkids said...

Congrats to the new family! So happy for both of you!

JaneMM said...

It has finally happened. Hannah is beautiful. My prayers are still with you.


lisa said...

I am just so darned happy for you! You time has finally come to be the great Mama that you were always meant to be! We knew it didn't we....just didn't know when!!

Mama Andrea said...

I know it must be tough with the every other day part of the visiting but it gives you time to get acquainted and allows you to relax and rest for the trip home. She is a lovely little girl and I can see her happiness in the photos!