Monday, January 25, 2010

Great visit with Hannah

Today is Dad's birthday so I always think of him --he would have loved my little girl and I am sad they don't get to meet but I know he is watching over me and nodding approval.

As I was waiting in the lobby for my coordinator to take me to the orphanage this morning, I met another American Couple--the Smith's. They are here on their second trip and have court tomorrow so they are just one week behind me. We are getting together this evening for supper with Trevor and Wendi--so some more new friends--it's great.

Today was a really good visit. Hannah seemed surprised and excited to see me and came running right into my arms with a big hug. She was actually pretty calm at the beginning of the visit and sat on my lap for a while but that didn't last long--she is a mover. They had various music classes in the room while we were visiting so other kids were coming and going. At times it distracted Hannah but she never wanted to join them. In fact she started pushing the other kids away when they came around me. She seemed much more attached to me today but also pushed me a little more than every before--a couple times doing things she knew she wasn't supposed to do and then looking at me for my reaction. She is a smart girl. She definitely wanted my attention today. She also said a few more words so it was nice to hear her talk as she almost never does. She was looking at family pictures and when I would ask "Kto eta?" or "Who's that?" she would always say Mama or Raisa so then I started pointing at my siblings and she started repeating their names after me--she only did Grandma, Teresa, and Kevin but that's a good start.
When our visit was over we said our good-byes and she was with her caregiver when I started picking up my stuff and all of a sudden she ran over and wrapped her arms around my legs--it was so wonderful. I hugged and kissed her until they said she needed to go and then she went happily. It is getting harder each time to leave--I should only have one more time when I have to leave her.
I have been having a hard time getting good pictures--I only brought my little pocket camera this trip and I am missing my better one. She moves so fast and the camera has such a delay from pushing the button that most of the pictures are of her leaving or moving away. I also miss the best smiles and laughs because they occur when we are playing and no one is there to take pictures of us. But I do usually manage to get a few good ones.

Gretchen wanted pics of my purchases so here they are:
This cross is filled with amber which is actualy amber colored and will be for Hannah when she gets older.

This jewelry is all for me--it is green colored amber and silver--bracelet, earrings, ring, and pendant.

The picture of the little chapel--the very first building in Krasnoyarsk in the 1600's. This will go in Hannah's room at home

I forgot to mention that this is my 100th post to this blog--to mark this event, the first person to comment will get a special gift from Russia.


Aaron and Julie said...

I love reading about how well Hannah is doing. Her eyes already seem so much brighter than they were just a week ago! You are a wonderful mommy!

I love the cross & your rings look fabulous.

Thoughts & prayers to you as you remember your dad. I know he is rejoicing in heaven that your dream is coming true.

Cameron and Kyle said...

Only one more goodbye. How wonderful. Hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly.

John & Jenny Morgan said...

I know how much harder it gets to say goodbye as days pass. I'm glad you only have one more to go!

Irishdrums said...

Love the pic of little Hannah with the upside down glasses on! Looks like she's got some spunk in her like little Mary Lou. :o)

Lou Ann said...

Mary that's wonderful that she doesn't want you to leave and you'll only have to do that one more time. Full time motherhood here you come!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

PS - I'll bet you anything Hannah ends up with your set of jewelry just like the cross!

McMary said...

Lou Ann--I am sure you are right!

Susan said...

ooh i love the cross! that is beautiful! i hope to find a pretty cross like that when i return to Kaz on our mission trip.:)

I thought you got to bring Hannah home this trip. Ugh, the wait is so long isn't it?

She is sooooooooo sweet and you two are just a dynamic duo.
and yes, it looks so cold! :)

Gretchen said...

Thanks for the pics! I love your purchases. The jewelry is beautiful.

I am so glad everything is going so smoothly for you. Not too much longer until you get to bring her HOME!!! :)